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Reverse Survivor: Two Teams Remain in Contention

Chronicling Division I's winless teams.

Lars Baron

Six teams were in contention for Reverse Survivor last week. After seven days, the pool has been cut to just two: Hobart and Mount St. Mary's. Looking through the archives, it appears as if this is the earliest on the calendar that Reverse Survivor has featured just two teams:

  • In 2012, Wagner and Albany -- reality is weird and comforting all at the same time -- were the final two contenders in Reverse Survivor. The update of the pool came on March 27th, four days before the Great Danes would beat Bucknell and lock up the win for Wagner (the Seahawks would finish the season with a 1-13 record, beating Sacred Heart on April 14, 2012). Interestingly, Albany would become Reverse Survivor's greatest graduate: After starting the season with seven consecutive losses, the Great Danes advanced to the America East Tournament finals where they would fall to top-seeded Stony Brook.
  • In 2013, VMI and Michigan -- both bowing out early in the 2014 Reverse Survivor competition -- were the last two perfectly beaten teams in the nation. The pool of contenders was limited to these two teams on April 2, 2013, a solid month-and-a-half into the Division I season. Those two teams would remain winless until April 20th when both programs earned victories on the same day. Michigan would earn the championship by a mere 25 minutes, the apex of Reverse Survivorship.

It's almost shocking that before the Ides of March only two competitors remain, yet here we are: With Holy Cross beating Richmond, Jacksonville toppling Marquette, Manhattan beating Mount St. Mary's in a Reverse Survivor-off, and Sacred Heart giving Providence a loss, Reverse Survivor has finitely defined its universe. This is it, you guys. This is where the sausage gets made in a rusty sausage maker that probably is better suited for sheering fingers than feeding chopped meat into natural casing lined with strychnine.


Hobart (0-5)
Next Opponent: Canisius -- March 11th
Chance of Victory: This is a target-rich environment. The Griffs are far from an unstoppable force of destruction. The Statesmen haven't played well this season but Canisius isn't exactly making sovereign nations crumble simply by given them a raised eyebrow. This could be the moment for Hobart to have a victory parade with balloon animals and hilariously uncomfortable local politicians on top of fire trucks.
Next Reasonable Chance of Victory: Canisius -- March 11th. If it doesn't happen for the Statesmen against the Golden Griffins, a quick turnaround provides an opportunity against Robert Morris. After the Colonials lies Bryant, and Hobart probably needs to take care of business between the 11th and the 15th.

Mount St. Mary's (0-6)
Next Opponent: Drexel -- March 15th
Chance of Victory: Highly unlikely with a chance of not happening. But anything is possible.
Next Reasonable Chance of Victory: Hobart -- March 29th. Look: The Mountaineers will play UMBC and Robert Morris before facing the Statesmen -- manageable dates that could feature less skull-crushing than usual -- but Reverse Survivor desperately wants a head-to-head finish to its campaign. A Hobart-Mount St. Mary's throwdown would be the thing of fanciful dreams, with blood falling from the sky instead of frolics through flowers.