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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament: Final Bracketology Aggregation

It's not just about "in" and "out' at this point. It's also about where teams are seeded and unseeded.


Depending on how you look at things, there are around two to three at-large invitations up for grabs with a small pool of teams competing for those final positions. Yale took itself out of the mess with its win in the Ivy League championship today, but the crab bucket remains a crab bucket. Bracketologists -- individuals involved in a profession that requires the wearing of a laboratory coat for no particular reason -- have checked in with their final projections, efforts that may earn incineration treatment in just a few hours depending on wht the Selection Committee chooses to do.

Here how things look at the moment (click the names to go to the brackets):

FOY STEVENS "burnspbesq"
(1) Syracuse Syracuse North Carolina
Unseeded Bryant Bryant Towson
(8) Cornell Cornell Ohio State
Unseeded Albany Loyola Duke
(4) North Carolina Ohio State Denver
Unseeded Towson Lehigh Yale
(5) Ohio State Denver Maryland
Unseeded Penn State Duke Albany
(3) Denver North Carolina Notre Dame
Unseeded Yale Towson Detroit
(6) Maryland Maryland Cornell
Unseeded Lehigh Albany Loyola
(2) Notre Dame Notre Dame Syracuse
Unseeded Detroit Detroit Bryant
(7) Duke Penn State Lehigh
Unseeded Loyola Yale Penn State

Common last teams out (in no particular order): Bucknell, Pennsylvania, and Princeton. Common last teams in: Loyola, Duke, and Penn State. Those six teams are your focus for the evening in terms of "in-out" considerations.

As for seeding teams and pairing unseeded opponents with them, we'll see how this all shakes out. It looks like there are a few universal expectations -- Notre Dame and Syracuse to find its place at the top of the seeding hierarchy; North Carolina, Ohio State, Denver, and Maryland should have home games in the first round; Cornell and some combination of Penn State, Duke, Loyola, and Yale are in the conversation for a first round home game but are likely to draw a difficult opening weekend opponent (and there isn't a consensus on the opponents); and Syracuse and Notre Dame are getting Bryant and Detroit, respectively -- but this is where the Selection Committee has the greatest opportunity to do its own thing.