Bracketology (v4.2): "This Business Will Get Out of Control"

And it surely did. But I think we were all lucky, and survived.

Since our last update, the last five AQs were awarded, to three teams we expected (Syracuse, Yale, and Albany) and two we didn't (Ohio State and Detroit). Maryland and Duke recorded blowout wins over overmatched opponents in games that end up not meaning much in the overall scheme of things.

Here's what we think the bracket will look like when it's posted at 9:00 p.m. Eastern tonight. The last weekend worked out nicely for the committee: you'll see a minimum of regular-season rematches, only one mandatory flight (although I expect Duke AD Kevin White to raid Coach K's piggy bank and fly the Blue Devils to Columbus, even if the NCAA doesn't pick up the tab), and some potentially highly entertaining matchups.

(1) North Carolina (ACC at-large) vs. Towson (Colonial AQ)

(8) Ohio State (ECAC AQ) vs. Duke (ACC at-large)

(5) Maryland (ACC at-large) vs. Albany (America East AQ)

(4) Denver (ECAC at-large) vs. Yale (Ivy AQ)

(3) Notre Dame (Big East at-large) vs. Detroit (MAAC AQ)

(6) Cornell (Ivy at-large) vs. Loyola (ECAC at-large)

(7) Lehigh (Patriot AQ) vs. Penn State (Colonial at-large)

(2) Syracuse (Big East AQ) vs. Bryant (NEC AQ)

Last four in: Loyola, Duke, Penn State, Cornell)

First four out: Bucknell, Penn, Drexel, Princeton

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