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Things Have Happened: Early Afternoon Lacrosse Updates

The early games have closed, shuttered forever with no hope for future retrieval.

Andy Lyons

I live only a few miles from MetLife Stadium. Unfortunately, those few miles constitute crossing two rivers, a few bridges, and changing state jurisdictions from New York to New Jersey. This is the sad reality of living in New York City: New Jersey may as well be Montana, and in the end it may actually be easier to get to Tom Brokaw's compound in big sky country.

I left my apartment at 1:15 in the vain hope that I'd actually be in the Meadowlands by 2:00. Helping a lady fix a flat tire, stopping for gasoline at the cockamamie New Jersey pumps that don't believe that civilian drivers have the constitution to move gas from one holding tank to another without assistance, to getting lost on I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike (twice!), I finally rolled into the parking lot at 3:00. I'm officially in the camp that demands personal transports that turn you into dust in one location and reanimate you in your desired destination. Get to work, scientists.

Anyway, these are things that have happened while I wanted to stab everything:

  • Canisius 7, Detroit 13: The Titans steamed past the Griffs in Detroit this afternoon, getting four points from Alex Maini and three each from Mike Briney and Brandon Beauregard. With the win Detroit sews up a position in the MAAC Tournament, heading east to, presumably, take a pop from Marist.
  • Providence 11, Villanova 19: The Wildcats took care of business on Senior Day, finishing its Big East campaign with a one-loss conference record. Villanova now must wait for the result of the Notre Dame-Syracuse game to determine: (1) which team the Wildcats will play this week (at home); and (2) whether Villanova will become the conference's top overall seed.
  • Fairfield 8, Ohio State 14: The Buckeyes put the hurt on the Stags in Columbus; Turner Evans had a big day with four points on three goals (The Silver Gleaming Death Machine chipped in two goals and an assist in his farewell performance at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium). The win should give Ohio State the three-seed for the ECAC Tournament where they'll likely see Denver in the first round in Geneva (barring an epic Pioneers loss at the hands of Michigan this afternoon). Fairfield will draw Loyola.
  • Hartford 17, Vermont 11: The Hawks eliminate the Catamounts from America East Tournament contention and Hartford assures itself of at least an invitation to Stony Brook (it's seeding position is still fluid). The Hawks holds a head-to-head win against UMBC but Stony Brook holds the head-to-head tiebreaker (if it comes to it; the Seawolves may only finish 2-3 in conference play) against Hartford. UMBC plays at 3:30 against Binghamton.

As for other notable games at or approaching the half:

  • Yale 5, Harvard 5: Hoo boy!
  • Loyola 5, Hopkins 4: This is getting my eyeballs in a minute.