Bracketology (v2.0)

Blame Cam Lee.

Oh, there were plenty of others who contributed to a week of upsets and nail-biters that stood the bracket on its head, but the Dartmouth freshman midfielder detonated the biggest bomb of all with his fourth-quarter goal that enabled the Big Green to shock Princeton.

When the smoke cleared, the dust settled, and the clichés were kicked to the curb, we saw three teams out, three new teams in, and ten holdovers with their seeds changed from last week's projected NCAA tournament bracket.

Ins and Outs: Welcome to the Big Barbecue, Yale, Lehigh, and Bryant. Yale comes in as, in effect, a direct replacement for Penn; the Quakers are an object lesson in how easy it is to go from Lock to Nobody. Lose to Harvard and see one of your two signature wins get devalued, and suddenly you're the Flavor of Last Month. Lehigh replaces Bucknell as the presumptive winner of the Patriot League AQ, by beating the Bison on their home field; the Bison stay in because none of the bubble teams is clearly better in the metrics the selection committee is likely to care about (sorry, Dragons and Buckeyes). Bryant replaces Quinnipiac as the presumptive winner of the NEC AQ; 0-7 start notwithstanding, the Bulldogs are dominating conference play. St. John's is gone because you can't lose two in a row to teams with indifferent resumes and expect to stay in the field.

Ups and Downs: Maryland and Cornell move out of the top two spots because of losses, and flip relative positions because Cornell's loss to Syracuse is less "bad" than Maryland's loss to Johns Hopkins. Notre Dame takes the top seed, rather than North Carolina, because of its head-to-head win and better result against Duke. Syracuse moves up due to its win over Cornell, but at the same time the Orange show how crazy the situation is this year. JoJo Marasco's diving check in the last minute against Rutgers not only saved the game, it arguably saved their season. Lose to Rutgers, with a loss to Villanova already marring your resume and with Georgetown and Notre Dame coming up, and you are in deep, deep trouble. Penn State and Albany move up because they keep winning. Loyola and Princeton move down because of losses, and Denver moves down because somebody has to move down to accommodate Syracuse moving up and Duke didn't do anything to deserve a move down. The Blue Devils did what they were supposed to (remove Virginia from the discussion, once and for all), and their win over Carolina looks better every week.

The updated bracket:

(1) Notre Dame vs. (16) Bryant

(9) Loyola vs. (8) Penn State

(5) Syracuse vs. (12) Lehigh

(13) Princeton vs. (4) Maryland

(3) Cornell vs. (14) Bucknell

(11) Yale vs. (6) Duke

(7) Denver vs. (10) Albany

(15) Marist vs. (2) North Carolina

Last Four In: Bucknell, Princeton, Yale, Loyola

First Four Out: Penn, Drexel, Ohio State, Johns Hopkins

Next Four Out: Villanova, Hofstra, Army, Harvard