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College Lacrosse Schedule and Open Thread: March 2, 2013

It's kind of a big Saturday, knuckleheads.


Friday night gave us some excitement. To start the evening, Tom Schreiber killed everyone from everywhere, driving Princeton past Johns Hopkins at Homewood Field. The nightcap was even better, seeing Syracuse survive Virginia in overtime on a Kevin Rice tally. It was a solid day of lacrosse, and today has the potential to be even better.

Here are your highlights for the day:

  • Maryland at Duke: The Devils are one of the most frustrating teams in the country right now, hammering fools and having brain cramps against teams with a pulse. Maryland, contrastingly, has come out and lit their opponents on fire with a flamethrower so far this season, dominating everything in their path. ACC games have a weird flavor to them, and with Duke's season not necessarily on the line but desperate for a sign of life, today's game at Koskinen carries with it consequences the size of, like, a very large thing that you look at and say, "Hey, that's really big." Quint and Eamon have the call this morning on ESPNU.
  • Colgate at Cornell: Baum. Pannell. Explosions. Central New York deathmatch. You know that you're going to skip your daughter's dance recital this afternoon for this.
  • Drexel at Robert Morris : Today the theory gets put to the test: Can Drexel, the hardest team in the NCAA to kill, go into Western Pennsylvania and continue its run of (almost) invincibility? Robert Morris has rebounded from its early-season defeat at the hands of Bellarmine, but they'll be challenged today by a Dragons offense that is coming around despite the absence of Brendan Glynn. There really isn't a "mid-major" aspect to Division I lacrosse, but if there were, this would be the game that makes your soul sing because it affirms that there is great play throughout the nation.
  • North Carolina at Notre Dame: The Irish may have the strongest kill list so far in 2013, taking a sledgehammer to Duke's face and then gutting out a tough win on the road against Penn State last weekend. Notre Dame continues its opening slate of pain with yet another monster opponent, welcoming the Tar Heels to Arlotta in what could be the most difficult task the Irish's defense will face this season (with all due respect to Denver). Carolina has their engine primed for a win of this caliber, but I'm not sure that Notre Dame is ready to relinquish its position among the top two teams in the country quite yet. Everybody love everybody.
  • Ohio State at Penn State: Hold me close, Ohio State. Tell me you're not an aberration. I want us to be together forever.
  • Pennsylvania at Denver: Tell 'em, Sterling Archer.

And here's today's full schedule (if there are errors, please let me know; I pulled this information from the Lacrosse Magazine website):

March 1, 2012
Quinnipiac Detroit 11:00 Link N/A
Maryland Duke 11:00 Link Link
North Carolina Notre Dame 12:00 Link Link
Dartmouth Georgetown 12:00 N/A N/A
Yale Albany 12:00 N/A Link
Bellarmine Loyola 1:00 Link Link
Bryant Vermont 1:00 N/A Link
Hobart Binghamton 1:00 Link Link
Navy Bucknell 1:00 Link Link
Colgate Cornell 3:00 Link Link
Drexel Robert Morris 1:00 Link Link
UMBC Fairfield 1:00 Link Link
Harvard Hofstra 1:00 Link Link
High Point Jacksonville 1:00 Link N/A
Marist Lafayette 1:00 Link N/A
VMI Lehigh 2:30 Link Link
Manhattan Providence 1:00 Link N/A
Ohio State Penn State 1:00 Link N/A
Stony Brook Rutgers 1:00 Link N/A
St. John's Siena 1:00 Link Link
Brown Massachusetts 2:00 Link Link
Wagner St. Joseph's 2:00 Link Link
Marquette Air Force 2:00 Link Link
Holy Cross Sacred Heart 3:00 Link Link
Pennsylvania Denver 4:00 Link N/A
Delaware Villanova 7:00 Link Link
Towson Mount St. Mary's 7:00 Link Link
Michigan Army 7:30 Link N/A

This is your open thread for the weekend. Your parents probably love you, but can you really trust them? People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.

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