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Lacrosse the Internet: December 20, 2013

Will snow fall on the first weekend of the season?

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

A Full Pint

Snow for Super Bowl? How About Feb. Lacrosse?
I know that it is incredibly dumb to play a spring sport in February. I know this because I refuse to leave my house until mid-March to actually see games live. I am a precious, bourgeois, self-interested dope -- I don't do well sitting in the freezing cold just because I can. The entire idea that people will be running around in shorts with temperatures a hair past "This is Freaking Dumb" is almost as numbing as actually playing lacrosse in the February cold.

I enjoy that college lacrosse provides four months of action and I can't wait for it to start, but fishing balls out of snow drifts is pretty stupid. Here's to 75,000 blizzards through January and February that makes a change to the 2015 calendar.


2014 Face-Off Yearbook: MAAC Rankings, Outlook
MAAC: Will remain a league.

2014 Face-Off Yearbook: Ivy League Rankings, Outlook
Ivy: Will remain a league.

2014 Face-Off Yearbook: ECAC Rankings, Outlook
ECAC: Will not remain a league.

Seton Hall Prep (NJ) 2015 midfielder McHale eager to be a part of Providence's lacrosse future
Better bone up on various Providence-isms: "Hey, buddy!" "We're almost Boston!" "The bag of hush money goes over here!"

First Round of 2014 Lacrosse Schedules for College Posted
It's like a travel itinerary for the insane.

Bucknell gets commitment from St. Anthony's (N.Y.) 2017 LSM/DEF Senerchia
Is St. Anthony's basically making Division I lacrosse its personal post-graduate program?

Bridgewater-Raritan (NJ) 2015 attackman Figel commits to Monmouth
I commit to being adorable.