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College Crosse's Best of January

10 stories or things that shouldn't be set ablaze.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

January is just about in the books and that means only one thing: We're one month closer to discovering that our heads are cantaloupes to machines, and that our iMacs are going to eat us alive. So, that's . . . something.

Other than that, it's time to recap 10 of the bigger and better stories that graced this fine Internet real estate over the last 31 days. Let's get it.

The Season Approaches . . . with Extreme Prejudice!
Did you think that the 2013 season was going to, like, take the year off and backpack through Europe or something? No way, champ! The season is just days away, and you should get caught up on the dozens of stories that have graced this Internet computing page, including some especially interesting ones.

Galasso Has Another Flat Tire
Did you think that North Carolina transfer Nicky Galasso was going to change the fortunes for Syracuse in 2013? Think again, college boy. The attack has a broken foot and will sit out this season while he rehabilitates it.

Hopkins Ponders Hopkins; NEC and Big East Ain't Dead Yet
As if you needed more conference realignment in your life (hint: you don't), Johns Hopkins started making waves again about potentially joining a league (!!) while the Northeast Conference and Big East could -- somehow -- survive all of this (!!!!).

Et cetera
Stuff that was stuff that you can't stuff any place else.