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Major League Lacrosse Draft 2013: Live Video and Open Thread

I'm stuck inside tonight with an alien death cold. If you're bored, come hang out and see where Division I's best end up.

The Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft -- the 13th for the league -- kicks off tonight at 8:30 P.M. from the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. No network on this planet is broadcasting this thing, but the entirety of the proceedings will take place on YouTube. If you pay attention to that video at the top of this incredibly important Internet writing, you can see Quint Kessenich, Evan Washburn, and a cast of hundreds of thousands (estimated) bring you all the action live from America's Most Spiteful City.TM If you miss it, you'll never know why your favorite -- or least favorite -- college lacrosse player is dogging it in 2013 so that he can avoid injury and become a thousandaire in the MLL. (That probably isn't true. In fact, if anyone is dogging it in the NCAA so that they can saunter into the MLL fresh, they probably took a lead pipe to the bean atop their neck and clearly aren't thinking straight.)

If you'd like, hang out in the comments and keep me awake as I fight the effects of NyQuil on the human body. If you're lucky, maybe I'll do a live blog-ish thing and we'll have a regular hootenanny. It's an exciting Friday night in January, people; let's give our least worst effort out there.