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Major League Lacrosse Prepares to Draft Future Thousandaires

A bunch of college players will have their names announced at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown tomorrow night.


Major League Lacrosse will be holding its collegiate draft tomorrow night as part of the US Lacrosse National Convention. I know this because a press release has been issued to announce that a man will stand behind a lectern and say names and attach those names to cities that support teams:

US Lacrosse and Major League Lacrosse today announced that the 2013 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft will take place Friday, Jan. 11, in Philadelphia as part of the 2013 US Lacrosse National Convention, presented by Champion.

The draft begins at 8:30 p.m. in the Liberty Ballroom of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. The draft is open to the public, and admission is free.

* * * * *

The MLL Collegiate Draft will consist of eight rounds. The order for the first round of the draft is:

1. Ohio
2. Hamilton
3. Charlotte
4. Chesapeake (from Charlotte from Rochester)
5. New York
6. Boston
7. Denver
8. Charlotte (from Chesapeake)

Note: I updated the draft order pursuant to this release from the MLL.

Here's the entirety of my knowledge of Major League Lacrosse: (1) It's a league; (2) It's having a collegiate draft tomorrow wherein only seniors with expiring eligibility will be drafted; and (3) There are eight teams in the league. I am useless to project who will be drafted, which teams should draft what players, or whether having a draft prior to a college lacrosse season is a good or bad thing. I've only recently started to watch MLL again after a long absence from the game, due in part to the fact that not all of the best players in the game were playing MLL and due in part to what I (rightfully or wrongfully) thought was a style of play that made me want to spit at my television set.

So, yeah. I assume that Peter Baum will be the first selection in the draft -- Does Ohio already have a Peter Baum? Or, even more importantly, will Baum pull a Steve Francis and demand a trade to somewhere interesting because Ohio isn't as attractive as another team (like Chesapeake, which apparently plays in a body of water)? -- but it'd be pointless for me to speculate as to any other thing that may/should happen. I just hope that at the end of the day a half dozen future professional lacrosse players wear bad suits as they shake the hands of general managers and of the league commissioner. That's where the real action is.

Luckily, there are people that aren't as blindly ignorant as I am about this whole thing (or have hidden that fact and pretended to have some kind of sophistication) and have written stuff about what may happen tomorrow night. (My suspicion that Denver will draft a pair of Birkenstocks and a gross of granola bars in the first round is not high on everyone's draft projections.) The following should get you up to speed on where your favorite -- or most hated! -- Division I players may end up in the summer: