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2013 College Lacrosse Preview: ESPN Releases Television Schedule

Make love to your furniture that shows you things.


UPDATE: Here's an aggregation of known television games, as put together by LaxPower. Yee-haw.

ESPN isn't the only network that is going to explode college lacrosse through your furniture into your face -- CBS Sports Network and NBC Sports Network are also going to give your eyeballs things to watch -- but the four-letter network does have the most expansive package: 46 times this season you'll be able to make the ass grooves in your couch even ass groovier.

To the press release from a press outlet (huh? whatever):

Schedule Highlights:

  • ESPNU will be the home to 38 games – 33 regular season, 36 men’s and two women’s matchups
  • The Wednesday Men’s Game of the Week on ESPNU opens March 6 and runs through April 10, including a top-10 matchup between ACC rivals No. 4 Duke at No. 5 North Carolina on March 13, at 7:30 p.m.
  • ESPNU will air all three games of the ACC Men’s Lacrosse Championship from Chapel Hill, N.C., on Friday, April 26 and Sunday, April 28, while the 24-hour sports network will carry a BIG EAST men’s semifinal and the title game, along with America East and Ivy League men’s title games
  • ESPN3 will have a minimum of 15 games – 10 men’s and five women’s, plus a live airing of a BIG EAST Men’s Championship semifinal game on Thursday, May 2
  • The men’s schedule includes at least one appearance from each team in the top 10 of the Inside Lacrosse Face-Off Yearbook Top 20 and 14-of-16 teams that qualified for the 2012 NCAA Championship
  • A rematch of the 2012 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship semifinal featuring currently-ranked No. 2 Maryland at No. 4 Duke on Saturday, March 2 at 11 a.m. on ESPNU
  • An additional top-five men’s game include No. 5 North Carolina at No. 2 Maryland on Saturday, March 23, at noon (ESPN3)
  • Games from five in-season men’s tournaments – Whitman’s Sampler Independence Classic in Chester, Pa., home to the 2013 NCAA Championship weekend, on Saturday, March 9; Whitman’s Sampler Mile High Classic in Denver, on Saturday, March 16; Metropolitan Lacrosse Classic in Flushing, N.Y., on Sunday, March 17; Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic in Baltimore, on Saturday, March 23; and Konica Minolta Big City Classic in East Rutherford, N.J., on Saturday, April 27

For the full schedule -- which doesn't appear to put a game on ESPN or ESPN2 (odd, right?) -- just click that link up there. Some thoughts:

  • I like the weekly Wednesday night showcase games, although there are some less than stellar games that will pop up. The most interesting of the bunch? Maybe Cornell at Syracuse, which will finally end up on a broadcast network that doesn't have a distribution area that only constitutes the New York State Thruway.
  • That's a lot of ESPNU. Sorry, college softball.
  • I anxiously await cursing ESPN3 for not working at light speed because it isn't powered by a nuclear generator and/or alien technology to which the contemporary human is not yet ready to understand.
  • This is going to be fun.

What do you guys think? Anything you're particularly exicted for?