Effect of Notre Dame addition on possible new ACC programs

Posted this over on Nunes but it kind of got buried amidst the hoopla following Notre Dame's announcement. I want to hear Suxa's (and anyone else's) take on what the effect it would have on other schools that have been named (i.e. Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, Pitt, NC State) as possible upgrades to varsity lax in the ACC. Would an even more dominant conference that would now give you six marquee, annual national title contending opponents be a more attractive climate to jump a program into, or would it be suicidal to put yourself up against that?

This conference is about to be the most dominant conference of any NCAA sport. We've won more national titles than any other school....and yet this upcoming season we'll probably be the lowest ranked of the six. Unreal. Upgrading your club team into that would be like Florida A&M football joining the SEC.

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