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2012 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Open Thread: Canisius at (1) Loyola

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Have you ever seen a murder? No? Well, today's your lucky day, friend! (Metaphorically, of course. Murder is bad. You shouldn't commit it or become an accomplice to one by gawking at them. It's against the social compact or something. I don't know; I'm not a very good lawyer.)

The benefit of drawing the NCAA Tournament's one-seed is that you can idle the engine, work out the kinks, and get ready for the road ahead without, ideally, having to till the fields with only a spoon and a staunch work ethic. Canisius isn't a total pushover (they did crush Siena's soul last weekend, and the Saints were pretty decent this season), but Loyola is clearly running in a clear lane while the Griffins are asked to move through a course littered with alligators, land mines, and a dwarf with a nine-millimeter.

So, yeah. It ain't easy being Canisius today. ESPNU and ESPN3 have the rights to show you things on television and your computing machine.

Here's how the game shakes out on the Fun Factor scale:

Canisius Loyola 5:00 3.5332 8

This is your open thread for the game. Remember: Only the strong survive. (Unless the strong are in a reading competition. Then they're screwed.)

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