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Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Games: How to watch the boys’ and girls’ senior games, rosters, and players to watch

The games begin at 5:30 PM ET on ESPNU.

Mark Clem, Corrigan Sports Enterprises

Some of the best high school players from across the country will descend to Homewood Field on the campus of Johns Hopkins University Saturday night.

The best girls in the country will play at 5:30 PM ET, while the best boys from the United States and Canada will follow at 8:00 PM ET. Both games will be televised on ESPNU as part of the network’s annual “Summer of Next” series. The games can also be streamed online or by using the ESPN app.

Quint Kessenich, Sheehan Stanwick Burch, and Booker Corrigan will call the girls’ game, while Kessenich, Paul Carcaterra, and Corrigan will call the boys’ game.

Girls’ Preview

Here are the North and South rosters for the girls’ game.

Under Armour Girls North Roster

Player # Player Position High School College
Player # Player Position High School College
1 Meaghan Tyrrell Attack Mt. Sinai (NY) Syracuse
2 Shonly Wallace Attack Mission Secondary (BC) Stony Brook
3 Shannon Berry Midfield Ward Melville (NY) Princeton
9 Jenn Medjid Attack Garden City (NY) Boston College
10 Courtney Weeks Midfield Bayport Blue-Point (NY) Boston College
11 Meaghan Scutaro Defense Mt. Sinai (NY) Notre Dame
12 Hannah Mardiney Attack Notre Dame Prep (MD) Florida
13 Katie Ramsay Midfield/Draw Darien (CT) USC
14 Isabelle Scane Midfield Cranbrook Kingswood (MI) Northwestern
15 Caitlynn Mossman Attack Notre Dame Prep (MD) Boston College
16 Emma Jaques Midfield Darien (CT) Northwestern
17 Maria Pansini Defense Agnes Irwin (PA) Princeton
18 Emerson Cabrera Midfield Northport (NY) Florida
19 Grace Hulslander Midfield Christian Brothers Academy (NY) Harvard
20 Cassidy Weeks Midfield Bayport Blue-Point (NY) Boston College
23 Elle Hansen Midfield Cohasset (MA) Northwestern
24 Shay Clevenger Defense Marriotts Ridge (MD) Louisville
25 Madison Rielly Attack Manhasset (NY) Maryland
26 Lillie Kloak Midfield Ridgewood (NJ) Virginia
27 Katie Detwiler Defense Archbishop Carroll (PA) Loyola
32 Sarah Reznick Goalie Long Beach (NY) Florida
33 Madison Doucette Goalie Unionville (PA) Northwestern

Under Armour Girls South Roster

Player # Player Position High School College
Player # Player Position High School College
1 Erin Bakes Midfield Ransom Everglades (FL) USC
3 Annie Dyson Midfield St. Stephen's & St. Agnes (VA) Virginia
4 Courtney Anderson Defense Coppell (TX) Stanford
9 Anna Callahan Midfield Glenelg (MD) Duke
10 Elizabeth Hillman Midfield Bel Air (MD) North Carolina
11 Megan Carney Attack John Paul II (TX) Syracuse
12 Elizabeth Farnsworth Midfield Hutchison School (TN) Virginia
13 Madison Mote Midfield Bishop Ireton (VA) Notre Dame
14 Kennedy Lynch Defense Garrison Forest (MD) Maryland
15 Julia Hoffman Attack McDonogh (MD) Maryland
16 Chloe Johnson Midfield Magruder (MD) Ohio State
17 Jillian Wilson Midfield Gerstell Academy (MD) Loyola
18 Lexi LeDoyen Attack Bishop Ireton (VA) Syracuse
19 Alex Marino Attack Bryn Mawr (MD) Syracuse
20 Charlie Rudy Attack/Midfield Novato (CA) Colorado
23 Darby Welsh Midfield St. Paul's School for Girls (MD) Maryland
24 Sarah Cooper Defense Notre Dame Prep (MD) Syracuse
25 Tayler Warehime Midfield Manchester Valley (MD) North Carolina
26 Gabi Hall Defense Bel Air (MD) North Carolina
29 Maddie Jenner Midfield/Draw McDonogh (MD) Duke
32 Rachel Hall Goalie Cypress Woods (TX) Oregon
33 Julia Cooper Goalie McDonogh (MD) Stanford

All-American Talent Breakdown by State

  • Maryland (16) (13 alone are on the South team)
  • New York (10)
  • Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia (3)
  • Connecticut (2)
  • British Columbia, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee (1)

All-American Talent Breakdown by Incoming School

  • Syracuse (5)
  • Boston College, Maryland, Northwestern (4)
  • Florida, North Carolina, Virginia (3)
  • Duke, Loyola, Notre Dame, Princeton, Stanford, USC (2)
  • Colorado, Harvard, Louisville, Ohio State, Oregon, Stony Brook (1)

North Players to Watch

  • Hannah Mardiney, A, Florida
  • Cassidy Weeks, M, Boston College
  • Katie Detwiler, D, Loyola
  • Sarah Reznick, G, Florida

South Players to Watch

  • Megan Carney, A, Syracuse
  • Elizabeth Hillman, M, North Carolina
  • Sarah Cooper, D, Syracuse
  • Julia Cooper, G, Stanford

Boys’ Preview

Here are the North and South rosters for the boys’ game.

Under Armour Boys North Roster

Player # Player Position High School College
Player # Player Position High School College
1 Griffin Cook Attack Jamesville-DeWitt (NY) Syracuse
4 Nick Loring Midfield Noble & Greenough (MA) Harvard
5 Jose Boyer LSM Deerfield (MA) Notre Dame
6 Bryce Clay Attack Forest Hills Central (MI) Michigan
7 Xander Dickson Attack Brunswick (CT) Virginia
8 Michael Gomez Defense Half Hollow Hills East (NY) Johns Hopkins
9 Sean Kuttin Midfield Chaminade (NY) Yale
10 John John Lombardi Attack Salisbury (CT) Cornell
11 Brett Makar Defense Yorktown (NY) Maryland
12 Joe Neuman FOGO Salisbury (CT) Yale
13 Alex Simmons Attack/Midfield Culver (IN) Denver
14 Griffin Westlin Attack/Midfield Seton Hall Prep (NJ) Notre Dame
20 Andrew Bonafede Goalie Chaminade (NY) Duke
21 Will Bowen Defense Boston College High (MA) North Carolina
22 Patrick Burkinshaw Goalie Brunswick (CT) Virginia
23 Brian Cameron Attack Bishop Guertin (NH) North Carolina
24 Peter Fiorini Midfield Baldwinsville (NY) Syracuse
25 Matt Magnan Midfield Fox Lane (NY) Syracuse
26 Frank Marinello Defense Chaminade (NY) Duke
27 Wilson Stephenson Defense Brunswick (CT) Duke
28 George Wichelns Attack Connectquot (NY) Maryland
29 Evan Zinn Midfield Staples (CT) Johns Hopkins

Under Armour Boys South Roster

Player # Player Position High School College
Player # Player Position High School College
1 BJ Farrare LSM McDonogh (MD) Penn
4 Owen Caputo Midfield Middle Creek (NC) Duke
5 Isaiah Dawson Midfield Bishop's (CA) Harvard
6 Drew Erickson Attack San Ramon Valley (CA) Denver
7 Jacob Kelly Attack Calvert Hall (MD) North Carolina
8 Kyle Long Attack/Midfield Springfield-Delco (PA) Maryland
9 Alex Mazzone Defense Ward Melville (NY) Georgetown
10 Chase Scanlan Midfield IMG Academy (FL) Loyola
11 Jack Simmons Midfield McDonogh (MD) Virginia
12 Nicky Solomon Attack Centennial (GA) North Carolina
13 Joey Epstein Attack Landon (MD) Johns Hopkins
20 Matt Brandau Attack Boys' Latin (MD) Yale
21 Quentin Buchman Midfield Santa Margarita (CA) Notre Dame
22 Jeff Conner Midfield Strath Haven (PA) Virginia
23 Evan Egan Defense Torrey Pines (CA) North Carolina
24 Aleric Fyock Goalie St. Mary's (MD) Penn State
25 Tanner Hay Defense Victor (NY) Albany
26 Chayse Ierlan Goalie Victor (NY) Cornell
27 Ricky Miezan Midfield Episcopal (VA) Stanford (football)
28 Jack Myers Attack Gonzaga (DC) Ohio State
29 Cade Saustad Defense Highland Park (TX) Virginia
30 Mike Sisselberger FOGO Southern Lehigh (PA) Lehigh
36 Garrett Leadmon Midfield DeMatha (MD) Duke

*Ricky Miezan will not play in tonight’s game due to his football commitments at Stanford. He was originally a North Carolina commit.

All-American Talent Breakdown by State

  • New York (16) (12 alone are on the North team)
  • Maryland (8)
  • California, Connecticut (4)
  • Pennsylvania (3)
  • Massachusetts (2)
  • Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario, Texas, Virginia (1)

All-American Talent Breakdown by Incoming School

  • Duke, North Carolina, Virginia (5)
  • Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Yale (3)
  • Cornell, Denver, Harvard (2)
  • Albany, Georgetown, Lehigh, Loyola, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn, Penn State, Stanford (for football) (1)

North Players to Watch

  • Brian Cameron, A, North Carolina
  • Evan Zinn, M, Johns Hopkins
  • Will Bowen, D, North Carolina
  • Andrew Bonafede, G, Duke

South Players to Watch

  • Joey Epstein, A, Johns Hopkins
  • Isaiah Dawson, M, Harvard
  • Evan Egan, D, North Carolina
  • Chayse Ierlan, G, Cornell

Make sure you listen to the interviews I did with some of the guys participating in tonight’s finale!

The players have already done a lot since arriving in Maryland on Thursday: