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NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Infographs: #7 Lehigh vs. Maryland

It's the 2012 NCAA Tournament! Take out the nice napkins and make sure that your kid doesn't have crap all over his face. College Crosse has this all under control, so feel safe, friends. If you missed anything -- and you really shouldn't because you're only hurting yourself if you do -- click this fancy highlighted text to get all caught up.

Dropkick Murphys Song of the Matchup: "The Gauntlet" as both teams are looking to fight their way through the NCAA Tournament. Lehigh wants to make a huge mid-major splash while Maryland looks to repeat their unseeded magic of 2011. Either way, it's gonna be a fight on Sunday Night (or as Faith Hill like to say... THE TERPS AND THE HAWKS IN A NASTY SHOWDOWN and I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR A SUNDAY NIGHT.. GET ON YOUR FEET FOR A STAR-SPANGLED FIGHT*)

Dropkick murphys The Gauntlet (via Mclovinreturns)

To wrap up your NCAA First Round viewing experience, it's Maryland taking on Lehigh. This should be a fun one to watch for your Sunday Night viewing experience, as Lehigh has looked good all season long and look to make some big noise while Maryland looks to do what they did last year, when they made it all the way to Memorial Day as an unseeded team. Both teams are dangerous and both teams will be bringing their A-Game. Worth mentioning is that Maryland lost their final game of the season against another Patriot League team in Colgate. They'll be looking to bounce back by taking out that conference's champ. Meanwhile, Lehigh's got a packed house, as they've already announced a sold out crowd in Bethlehem. This should be the perfect end to a perfect weekend of lax, so here's how the Terps and the Mountain Hawks match up.


*(if there was a Faith Hill intro to college lacrosse, I'd expect it to be like CBS Sports Network's intro. Hope you all like the ACC, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Syracuse!)