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No More Sugar: College Lacrosse Schedule for April 9, 2012

Picture unrelated.  Thanks, AP.
Picture unrelated. Thanks, AP.

I went back to the Hoya Suxa homestead in cosmopolitan Southeastern Connecticut -- "It's a place! Visit! (Or, at least don't light it on fire!) -- this weekend for the Easter holiday. It was nice: no social media nonsense eating into my day and no blogging; just some time with the ol' family and some beers from New England that I can't get in New York.

In short, it was a nice little weekend. Except, of course, for one fact -- Mother Suxa, for whatever reason, decided to deplete the local grocery stores of their entire inventory of Easter candy. My body is, currently, 80 percent confection at this point, and as that stuff never really enters my diet, I'm pretty sure that my stomach is looking to secede from my body in a violent coup d'Suxa. It hasn't been a pretty digestive scene for me, boys and girls, and I do not recommend handfuls of everything as a way to enjoy a holiday.

Anyway, there's only one game on the slate for today: Mercer travels north to Delaware -- It's still a state! -- for an afternoon date with the Blue Hens of Delaware. This is strictly a friends-zone affair, which may leave everyone feeling empty at the end, but it'll be nice for the Blue Hens knowing that they still have winning in them.

APRIL 9, 2012
Mercer Delaware 3:00 1.3291 1

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: Is "all the candy" the appropriate measure to describe the amount of candy you've ingested in the last 36 hours?) in the comments below.