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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: March 6, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

The World Needs More Takeaway Defensemen
It is my personal belief that a team benefits from having players that can go out and take the ball away from an attackman.

MLL Lacrosse Prospects In the NCAA Week Five
Major League Lacrosse has plenty of prospects in the NCAA, let's take a look at who did what on yesterday afternoon. Here are some notes from some of the games and then some individual notes.

Lacrosse power rankings: March 5-11
A trio of matchups between top-10 teams revealed little. But we did discover that Syracuse and Virginia play the most entertaining game every year and Duke will struggle early.

Working Off The Weekend: Five Things to Know - Lacrosse Magazine
Just because you're sub-.500 in the first week in March doesn't mean you have no shot at the big tournament.

Gilbane: Warm-Up Songs and Pump-Up Videos
The warm-up mix is a very hot topic when it comes to our pre-game preparation. As you can imagine, there is a wide variety of tastes in music on a team with 47 different guys, so compiling a group of songs that everyone will agree on is pretty much impossible.

No. 1 Virginia Outguns No. 3 Syracuse, 14-10
For most of the contest, both teams played with a frenzied pace up and down the field.

Quint Kessenich's Top 20 and Analysis, March 5
If every college lacrosse game were as exciting and action packed as Sunday's Virginia vs. Syracuse game, the sport would explode through the roof. Hats off to the players, coaches and fans. Both squads are title contenders.

Today's beats: You have to love Matt & Kim. I mean, it's impossible not to love Matt & Kim, so hating them is futile; it's coded in your DNA or something and you can't fight genetics (unless you have lots of money). Here's "Yea Yeah" off of the eponymous Matt & Kim: