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Tewaaraton Foundation Updates "Watch List," Forgets Some Hip Cats

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Today, the Tewaaraton Foundation announced the first of its additions to its "Watch List." Three Division I men's players were added to the initial list of, approximately, 25,874 candidates:

  • Chris Bocklet;
  • Marcus Holman; and
  • Will Manny.

I have no beef with these additions, especially the addition of Massachusetts' Will Manny. (Will Manny does Will Manny things, which now includes being the Will Manny that is on the Will Manny-included Tewaaration Award "Watch List.") The problem that I have -- other than three-quarters of all of Division I lacrosse being included as potential candidates for the super fancy trophy -- is that it's missing all kinds of players that are having awesome seasons. To wit, the excluded include:

  • Navy's Tucker Hull: I understand that he's only a sophomore, but the cat has already strung together 40 points on the season and is the nation's leader in adjusted total offensive value (he generates about 15 points -- by himself -- every 100 offensive possessions that the Midshipmen play.)
  • Harvard's Jeff Cohen: The Crimson are just kind of meandering along at 3-3, but that's no reason to exclude a guy that has pumped in 23 tallies on the year and is eighth in adjusted total offensive value at over 12.5 points generated per every 100 offensive possessions.
  • Dartmouth's Drew Tunney: He only has 16 points on the season, but if you look at his production on a possession basis, he's ninth nationally in points per 100 possessions at just over 12.5. Why do you hate Drew Tunney, Tewaaraton Foundation? Don't make me subpoena you for the information.

I could go on and on: Where's Air Force's Keith Dreyer? Michael Antinozzi from Binghamton? The bullish Bison, Todd Heritage? If you're going to put 75 guys on a contender list, why not include all the guys that have done man's work this year? Or, whatever. It's just a fancy door stop, I suppose.

Do you see any other brazen omissions? If so, comment until your fingers bleed.