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College Crosse Preseason Lacrosse Poll

I won this just for being me.  I'm the National Champion of Being a National Champion.
I won this just for being me. I'm the National Champion of Being a National Champion.

The thing about polls is that they're meaningless. And yet, you're about to read a post about a preseason poll. That's an Inception-level of crazy. (Or it isn't. I don't know. I didn't see Inception, so this post may or may not have anything to do with that movie. Apologies for this potential Inception-level of confusion.)

Keeley, Harrison, and I put together individual ballots and collected the results. Both Keeley and Harrison went with the defending national champion -- Virginia -- as their preseason poll-topper; I, because I am handsome and adorably prescient, went with Johns Hopkins as my preseason number one (which, as a Syracuse fan, makes me want to vomit in my mouth a little bit). I am pretty sure that my meaningless vote in this meaningless poll is the reason that the Blue Jays have drunkenly stumbled through their preseason scrimmages/bar crawl.

When you compare the below-aggregation to the coaches and media poll there isn't too much deviation, which shouldn't come as a surprise because everyone's paddling in the same unknown waters at this point.

1. Virginia 59 2
2. Cornell 56
3. Johns Hopkins 52 1
4. North Carolina 50
4. Duke 50
6. Denver 45
7. Syracuse 43
8. Maryland 39
9. Notre Dame 38
10. Villanova 33
11. Massachusetts 27
12. Hofstra 25
13. Princeton 24
14. Harvard 22
15. Bucknell 21
16. Pennsylvania 14
17. Penn State 13
18. Yale 9
19. Drexel 4
19. Delaware 4

So, what do you knuckleheads think? Does everything here look okay? (Maybe Delaware is a little low? Does anyone have a decent read on Princeton for this season? That's a whole bunch of Ivy League, no?) Leave 'em in the comments below.