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Gerry Byrne's Dome is Golden

Fall ball is serious business.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Irish spent the weekend out in Chicago for the Playing for Peace Catholic Lacrosse Showcase. It just so happens that Notre Dame's football team was also in town, knocking around Soldier Field for a game against Miami (FL). What happens when these athletic pursuits intersect? Obviously that the lacrosse team raids the football team's equipment truck to play dress-up:

There are some important things about this photo:

  1. Gerry Byrne looks like he could play a few downs even though he's closer to AARP status than AAU status. It makes me want to go to the gym so that I feel less like a lazy piece of humanity, but these mozzarella sticks aren't going to eat themselves.
  2. Byrne is number one. I know this because his finger is extended in the traditional, "I'm number one!" position. Either that or he's giving the "Listen up! Everyone does 45 more up-downs in the next two minutes or else I'm going to strangle your dogs!" finger. It's probably the former, though.
  3. There's something about the helmet being just a little off center that makes me wonder whether Byrne has been concussed. Which, obviously, raises an addendum to the second point: Maybe Byrne is trying to give himself the "How many fingers?" consciousness test and failing miserably? I don't know. There's just so much depth to this picture that it's difficult to determine. I'll leave it for art historians to make that determination in 50 years.

For more rollicking fun from Irish lacrosse, I highly recommend following the team on Twitter and Byrne individually. It's always good stuff.