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Capital Lacrosse Classic: Hopkins and Cornell Highlights

I'm on a train destined for parts unknown. Here's a movie!

It's a Friday in the fall, people. I have very important social plans: Riding a choo-choo train while reading Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation and knocking back some pops. You guys are interesting and stuff, but there's a place in which I'm not currently located that needs my presence so that it can have at least the momentary light of relevance. This is my purpose in life.

While I'm experiencing the New England coast while chugging along at the speed of steam (or electricity; I'm not exactly sure how trains work anymore), enjoy this movie about the Johns Hopkins-Cornell scrimmage at the Capital Lacrosse Classic. Some annotations to help you along:

  • 0:10: Dave Pietramala is just staring off into the distance, slowly swaying, as if he hears coyotes in the hills that have a bead on the delicious children living in the village. Maybe he's thinking about wind sprint theory; I don't know. Love that guy.
  • 0:37: Pietramala: "We learned a lot of valuable lessons out on the field." Johns Hopkins is going to be fine in 2013, despite their effort against Cornell at the festival. There are questions down at Homewood entering the spring -- this is a team that has struggled to get out of the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament in recent years -- but the talent that is kicking around is valuable. The Jays should be in better shape once they have an idea of Phil Castronova's and John Greeley's ability to get up and down the field.
  • 1:01: That's a trip, but pause the video and look in the background: There's a coach with a "WHAT THE F---?!?" hands-on-top-of-head gesture. TAKE A LAP!
  • 1:21: Manque sablé de chaînes de tir! (That's French for "Whoopsie-daisy! Shooting strings are the devil's eyes!)
  • 2:07: Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!
  • 3:13: John Hogan (?) is like a spider monkey eluding a predator. Nifty duck and drive. Treat him to some Rice-A-Roni for that move.
  • 3:48: Pure smoke from Rob Guida. He's going to need to be a reliable weapon for the Jays this season. More strikes from him that are identified by their sound rather than their visualized destination will surely help Hopkins' cause.