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Nicky Galasso on Transferring to Syracuse: "I Like Where I'm At"

Nicky Galasso opens up on finding his Galassopia.


Hey! Did you hear that Nicky Galasso intends on transferring to Syracuse for the spring season? No?! Well, how was your coma and was it preceded by a club to the skull or the accidental consumption of gasoline? Inquiring minds want to know.

Real journalists have been making their telephones work since Galasso's decision -- a decision that came relatively quickly given Galasso's initial comments that he would go through an extended process to pick a new school -- and the results indicate that the cat that knew, from the start, that Syracuse was kind of where he wanted to be unless something drastic happened (like he was showered with rocks or something when he pulled into the parking lot.)

We'll start with Casey Vock from Inside Lacrosse, the man that broke the story. Vock interviewed Galasso and, when all was said and done, things seemed to be said and done fairly early in the process:

Which other schools did you most seriously consider?

Fairfield and Syracuse, and I didn't really have any other schools. There were other options in my head, but I really wasn't sure about those and I really knew that Syracuse was my top option.

Why was Fairfield in the mix? The coaching staff? Close to home?

Yes, and it's an up-and-coming program.

And, because every picnic needs some ants, things aren't totally, absolutely, unequivocally over in the Galasso-to-Syracuse saga:

With the decision made, what do you focus on moving forward?

Right now, I have to get all the paperwork into the coaches, see what credits transfer and see where I'm at academic,. I have to finish strong this semester (at North Carolina). Making this decision quickly was probably a good thing so I can focus on school, get my grades to 'Cuse and make sure they are good grades. Academics are my No. 1 priority, and staying in shape. I won't have a hard time doing that because I'm motivated, I'm ready to go to Syracuse and I'm ready to get started again.

Get yerself some book learnin' so that ya can do some book learnin' elsewheres, son!

Corey McLaughlin of Lacrosse Magazine also spoke with the newly-minted Orange. The theme was similar: The timing was the timing and Syracuse offered everything Galasso was looking for in a Galassopia:

"I wanted to come back and play for a big-time program," he said. "[Syracuse] is one of the most known, and probably one of better programs ever in college lacrosse."

* * * * *

Galasso initially indicated he would keep his options open and make visits to several schools, saying he wanted to go through the recruiting process again as he did as a high-schooler. Many programs were interested, but so much so that he decided to make a decision on a new school sooner rather than later.

"I have so much going on with school, and all these coaches contacting me, I just wanted to make a decision soon so I could get all the stress off my back," he said. "Me and my dad were sitting talking and I said, "I think I want to commit. I like where I'm at. I like the school, the coaches, the team and the atmosphere.' I thought it was a good fit for me.

So, what now? Oh, how this actually impacts Syracuse for the 2013 season. Quint Kessenich weighed in:

Fair enough.