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Nicky Galasso Transfers to Syracuse

Inside Lacrosse's Casey Vock has learned that Nicky Galasso has told Syracuse that he will transfer to the Orange.


It all started just about a week ago -- North Carolina officially announced that the school would be releasing All-America attack Nicky Galasso to pursue playing options elsewhere. From there, speculation was rampant as to where the feeder-savant would end up -- Hofstra? Syracuse? Lehigh? Rutgers? Somewhere else where the dining hall food is terrible and should be served with a roll of two-ply?

After interviews with Inside Lacrosse and Lacrosse Magazine, Galasso appeared fairly adamant that he was going to go through an extended process to identify and select a new landing spot, mostly to avoid the troubles he went through as an early-commitment to North Carolina while whipping the bean at West Islip, New York. Syracuse became an early leader for the services of the attack, mostly because it was the only school that was mentioned publicly as a destination that Galasso was pursuing.

So, we put on our patience boots (there is no such thing as patience boots) and assumed that Galasso would make a decision somewhere down the line. As it turns out, we're at the end of the line, you guys: Galasso, today, is looking to join the Orange:

Nicky Galasso has made his decision, and he will attend Syracuse.

The attackman — IL's No. 1 recruit in 2010 — confirmed the move. Galasso was granted a release from North Carolina last week, and his departure spurred a firestorm of speculation about where he would end up.

Syracuse and Galasso quickly began communication, and Galasso made his decision Thursday after visiting the school.

This is obviously a huge coup for Syracuse in so many ways. Not only do the Orange pull a college All-America into the fold -- who does that?! -- but Syracuse also refines its entire offensive approach:

  • Galasso fills a hole in the Orange's attack, potentially setting the stage for a solid if not potentially destructive production unit in-close. A Derek Maltz-Galasso-Mike Daniello attack is very strong, and the relationship between Maltz and Galasso could be among the stronger tandems in the country if everything falls together. The addition also allows for Billy Ward and Kevin Rice to come along at their own speed and contribute in preferred situations without overextending themselves while pressed into starting roles.
  • Syracuse is now free to leave JoJo Marasco in the midfield, allowing him to build chemistry with his linemates and the unit as a whole. Marasco may see instances where he inverts and works from behind, but with Galasso's ability to feed with his vision, Marasco no longer needs to invert. Syracuse didn't get much production from its midfield in 2012; with Galasso in the picture in 2013 and an increased emphasis on who will be running through the midfield, Syracuse may see some strong residual dividends.
  • If you're an opposing defense, who are you poling on this Syracuse team? Let's say the attack is Galasso-Daniello-Maltz and the first midfield is Marasco-Lecky-Cometti. Are you really going to put a shortie on Marasco? Maltz is 6'2" and is going to be working with one of the best feeders in the country; do you really want to put a shortie on either guy? Hakeem Lecky runs like he torched a building; how do you address him (even if he has trouble shooting on the run)? It's just not the offensive options that Galasso brings to the table; it's the pure match-up issues that opposing defenses will need to deal with.

John Desko landed a big fish in a big pond today. With the addition of Galasso and all that he brings, Syracuse has a really strong shot at playing on Memorial Monday (if their midfield situation gets cleared up).