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John Danowski is Offbeat, Loves the Backbeat

I love this guy!

Winslow Townson - Getty Images

I cannot get enough of John Danowski. It's not that Danowski is particularly funny or that he tweets valuable information about Duke lacrosse. No way, man. It's that Danowski -- a national champion head coach with almost 300 wins to his name -- is just . . . John Danowski. It's like we're all going through life as we're told we're supposed to and Danowski is quietly contemplating how and when he'll unleash his Jetson-esque personal spaceship upon the world (a vehicle he has been secretly put-put-putting around in for over a decade).

While many of his peers are putting in long hours, pushing their clubs hard through the fall period to prepare for the spring, you'd think that Danowski would be doing the same. National titles aren't won at the whim of pulling the winning McDonald's Monopoly piece, after all. Instead, Danowski is overseeing his own exercise in fall preparation, having his guys chuck around footballs and taking yoga sessions where his team is destined to find its center (and hopefully some answers about their questions in the midfield).

It's just a matter of time before Danowski has his team trading in their spikes and jerseys for flowing robes and sandals. Become one with thy inner lacrosse self; consciousness is not far behind.

And, just because Danowski has built enough equity to do so, he's not even worried about missing a few extra hours in the office to take recruiting phone calls and watch film to start getting ahead on opponent scouting for the spring. Nope. He's worried about the Lord sending him downtown to look for some tush:

John Danowski: Noted ZZ Top enthusiast. That just happened.

Also: When you glance at the people in that photo, are you a little surprised that everyone is dressed like they're getting ready to see the national tour of Book of Mormon? Where are the Harley Davidson t-shirts? Where's the super-fan beards? I don't see anybody in cheap sunglasses! It's just collared shirts in a relatively antiseptic environment.

You've sold out, ZZ Top fans. I'm disappointed.