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College Crosse's Best of September

Sometimes you miss important things. Don't miss important things.

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I was looking back at the blogging plan that I wrote for this site back in February. (Yes, I wrote an actual blogging plan. Yes, it consisted of more than, "Be terrific; also: you're adorable." No, I didn't follow it. Yes, I'm pretending that we're having a real human conversation right now. No, I don't like medication.) One of the items on the plan was doing a monthly round-up, highlighting the best stuff that was published during a particular period. It seemed like a really good idea.

And then I totally forgot about it and went to beer and wine tastings instead. It's the circle of life!

Anyway, we'll see if this sticks or not. I've compiled the 10-best stories on College Crosse for September; you're free to read them if your eyeballs are in the mood. As always, we thank you for your continued patronage of SB Nation's best (only) college lacrosse site.

Richmond and Notre Dame Freak Out the Internet
Everyone thought that discussion around the new rules would dominate the gooey softness that is the college lacrosse offseason. Everyone was wrong. Richmond -- with its decision to elevate its club program to varsity status -- and Notre Dame -- with its decision to roll with the ACC in the future -- ended up blowing the doors off of everything with aplomb. Here's the juice:

So, About Those New Rules
We're all kind of waiting to see what the impact of the new rules are going to have on the game, but the early returns are telling an interesting story: stuff is happening. (You can't get this kind of analysis anywhere else, people.)

Hey! The Northeast Conference Officially Got Its Automatic NCAA Tournament Bid
How do I know this? Because I wrote the headline, college boy: