Is Title 9 really a "roadblock?"

Wanted to get all of your opinions on Title IX, Nine, 9 (whatever you want to label it as) and if it really is the roadblock that is holding up the expansion of lacrosse Sound off in the commentsAs Denver went on to beat Johns Hopkins in the quarterfinal's on May 21st, Quint Kessenich was heard saying that "Title 9 is the roadblock" when it comes to some schools trying to get a Division I lacrosse program. I think Quint is right in many aspects and it is one major reason we dont see some of the top football teams in the nation have lacrosse programs. The problem with Title IX is that football is a major hurdle as well because majority of your money goes to that sport and women dont play football, so how do you get around that part? Can football be taken out of the equation? I personally dont think that can ever happen.

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