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NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament Quarterfinal Predictions

Get the pitchforks ready. The College Crosse crew predicts who’s going to Championship Weekend

Matt Dewkett

Virginia vs Georgetown

  • Safe: There’s no brakes on this Georgetown train. Hoyas roll to the Final Four. Georgetown.

  • Jake: This is the toughest threat Georgetown has faced this year in many ways. The best offense, the most athletic team, hardest riding team. But I think the Hoyas are up to the task. Their dodging success continues on offense and that ferocious D comes through again. Georgetown

  • Ryan: Although this has the potential to be yet another Virginia escape job, at the site of their literal heist two years ago en route to the national championship, I think Georgetown’s just got too much momentum on their side to get knocked off. Hoyas win in what should be an excellent game at Hofstra. Georgetown

  • Adam: Virginia is by far the best team Georgetown has faced this season. UVA, meanwhile, comes in battle-tested, having played four other quarterfinal teams (and beaten three of them). I think talent and veteran experience win out in this one, albeit narrowly. Virginia squeaks through to the Final Four. Virginia.

North Carolina vs Rutgers

  • Safe: I’m catching Scarlet Fever and I think I like it. Rutgers with the upset. Rutgers

  • Jake: There’s very much a world where Colin Kirst stands on his head, Rutgers breaks the UNC ride for 3-4 goals, and that attack has a huge day. But it’s hard to see all three happening like it has too. UNC’s depth prevails to hold off Rutgers. North Carolina

  • Ryan: Rutgers has the confidence from last week’s win, but North Carolina’s got a bit more avenues to win this game. This one should be close throughout, but the Tar Heels pull away late with their depth and their ride wearing out the Knights a bit. North Carolina

  • Adam: Uptempo Rutgers is playing with house money at this point as they’ve already exorcised their big playoff demon. They’ll give Carolina a real game, but the Heels will be too much. Too many faceoff wins, too much firepower. UNC by a handful. North Carolina

Duke vs Loyola

  • Safe: I said I thought Duke would win on the podcast on Wednesday night but after sleeping on it, I am going for Loyola. Loyola.

  • Jake: Call it a hunch or a gut feeling. This game reminds me of that Syracuse-Towson game in 2017 where a 2 seed ACC team that won all their big games close ran into an unseeded team that got hot late. If this game is played in the 6-on-6, Duke wins. Probably comfortably. But i think Loyola pushes transition, causes some turnovers with their rope unit, and shocks the world. Loyola.

  • Ryan: Loyola’s on an absolute heater, so anything can happen. Duke got a great game out of Michael Sowers last week and started to get some better performances out of their middies, though. The fact a lot of their guys are waking up at the right time should be scary news for everyone else, so give me Duke in this one. Duke.

  • Adam: I think Loyola’s dream run ends here. In fact, I’m not sure it will be all that close. Duke has the edge at almost all positions, and it would be very un-Danowski-like to lose this game. The trajectory of every Duke season is built to win games exactly like this one. Michael Sowers continues his hot streak and the Blue Devils roll to Rentschler. Duke.

Maryland vs Notre Dame

  • Safe: I don’t think we’ll ever know if Maryland is any good, but I think they will beat Notre Dame this weekend. Terps make it to another Final Four. Maryland.

  • Jake: Two great defenses. Two offenses with great players. But one of those offenses is a great one; the other is a very good one. I’m not sure Jared Bernhardt can be stopped; but if he was, the Terps have so many other options. If Pat Kavanagh is stopped, ND stops. Give me the Terps. Maryland.

  • Ryan: Last week Maryland looked like Maryland and Notre Dame reverted back to some of the Irish teams of old. Notre Dame was absolutely flying on defense last week, but their offense cooled off at the wrong time, kind of in an inverse to how things went in 2019 when the offense stepped up come May. Maryland, on the other hand, just stayed true to themselves and executed well. Don’t underestimate Notre Dame’s home field advantage and be careful if Maryland finally gets burned on some of their sluggish stretches in the 1st half, but in a break from my initial bracket I’m going with the Terps based on what I saw last weekend. Maryland

  • Adam: Notre Dame can win this game if they dominate faceoffs and contain Bernhardt. But I’m not sure they’ll be able to do either. Maryland’s faceoff unit has been scrappy of late, and I’m putting my money on Bernhardt in his matchup versus (presumably) Jack Kielty and crew. Maryland in a close one. Hopefully this is more exciting than most Terp-ND games. Maryland.