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COLLEGE CROSSECAST 2-Pack Pro Lax and Pucks

It’s a doubleheader of COLLEGE CROSSECAST coming at you!

NHL: FEB 10 Islanders at Capitals Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What’s better than one new episode of COLLEGE CROSSECAST? Try two! And we’ve got one if you enjoy our lacrosse talk, plus a second if you like our hockey banter.

College Crossecast Ep. 152: Paul Rabil’s Incredible Late Game Play

Jake and I had a bunch of mailbag questions, so we decided on the fly to split the podcast in two. This is the one you want if you want to hear about lacrosse and how we answered your questions that you sent to us on Twitter. Keep them coming and we’ll keep answering them on future podcasts!

College Crossecast 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 1st Round Preview

If you enjoy our hockey podcasts, than you’ll love this one! First we spend a bit of time talking about other sports, primarily the drama of F1 that isn’t on the track and some NASCAR stuff (:50), before we dive into a recap of the play-in and the Rangers winning the draft lottery (30:00). We then preview the 1st round (57:30), make our picks (1:31:00), and play another game of ripping off Puck Soup with Overrated/Underrated and fast food establishments.

As usual you can listen to those episodes in the player, over on Podomatic, through Apple Podcasts and Google Play, and by following along on Spotify.