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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 153: A Complete Analysis of the Greatest Article Ever Written

When rich people’s failsons can’t crack the roster, the gold comes out.

Leicester Races - 7th September
Photo by David Davies/PA Images via Getty Images

You might have seen an article be shared throughout lacrosse twitter over the weekend. Ruth S. Barrett at The Atlantic put together a sobering look at the elite college sports bubble bursting for the richest of rich parents in an article titled “The Mad, Mad World of Niche Sports Among Ivy League–Obsessed Parents.” Like many articles in high-brow publications about rich niche sports, you’re sure to see lacrosse get mentioned because, well, sadly the stereotype still exists. But while Barrett’s article is a fascinating read in its own right, her interviews make this unintentionally the greatest lacrosse article ever written.

So Safe, Jake, and I broke down the best of the best of this article. In particular the parents who are so high up in their ivory towers they might be losing air pressure. Oh, and an unintentionally golden quote from a certain D-1 head coach.

Look, you have to listen to it to believe it. The second we read this article the DMs were ablazing and we had to record on the spot. If you like it, we have even keeled stuff that you can subscribe to on your favorite Podcast outlet or to add to your Spotify playlist. Check this episode out down below or over on Podomatic. Safe and Chris even talked lacrosse news last week, too.