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COLLEGE CROSSECAST: 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Qualifiers Preview

Look, you should know by now we’re a hockey site masquerading as a lacrosse one, and Jake and Ryan talk pucks like they do if this was April.

Nashville Predators v Dallas Stars Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

It may be heading into August, but thanks to the magic of sports during this pandemic, it’s the return of hockey! And because this website loves its hockey as much as it loves its lacrosse, we’ve got a fresh COLLEGE CROSSECAST on tap.

Jake and I get you all set for the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup Qualifiers and shoot the breeze over some other sports stuff, too. We even talk about about what’s going on in the PLL and MLL for some lacrosse talk! We wrap things up by lovingly ripping off PUCK SOUP’s overrated/underrated game for Canadian musical acts and answer some of your questions in our mailbag. Here’s the rundown:

1:20- Lacrosse Talk
12:00- Updates Around Sports
34:00- (yes, 34 minutes before we get into hockey) The Seattle Kraken
41:45- Round Robin games
46:30- Qualifying Round
1:29:00- Qualifying Round, Stanley Cup, and Draft Lottery predictions
1:42:40- Overrated/Underrated
2:10:10- Mailbag Questions

You can listen to this episode in the player below, over on Podomatic, through Apple Podcasts and Google Play, and by following along on Spotify. Additionally you can check out Jake’s Canadian friend’s playlist to help him pick a most underrated Canadian music act at this Spotify playlist.