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College CROSSECAST: The Safe & Chris Quarantine Experience

Connecticut & New Jersey team up for hours and hours of content

Coronavirus Face Covering Sign Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

In a shutdown world, fresh content is king and boy do we have some crisp banter for you in this special CROSSECAST quarantine episode. If you like The Joe Rogan Experience, you'll love this episode as Chris & I team up for over 3 hours of podcast magic.

In this episode Chris & I talked about the most recent news about fall sports being canceled or pushed back to the spring and how that would impact the 2021 college lacrosse season. We also bantered about how the pandemic would impact college lacrosse long term and whether or not the current crisis will derail the growth of the sport.

We also talked about how lacrosse could be more inclusive and diverse. Then we discussed the most recent college lacrosse coaching hires and transfer moves. We also chatted about NJIT’s move to the America East and which conference Robert Morris could potentially land.

We also talked about the upcoming MLL & PLL tournaments, Under Armour unwinding from lacrosse hard goods, and what impact Stanford cutting 11 sports will have on other athletic departments. There was also some fun non-lax banter towards the end of the show.

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