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Harvard and Stony Brook men’s lacrosse head coach search updates

A few new notes on two of the still ongoing head coaching searches.

With Navy hiring Joe Amplo and Fairfield hiring Andrew Baxter to fill their head coach vacancies, there are still four head coach vacancies in Division I men’s lacrosse.

While Marquette is in the early stages of their search and no noise involving Hampton, we’ll focus on Harvard and Stony Brook in this short update.


Visits and interviews in Cambridge are expected to last into next week. In addition to Lehigh head coach Kevin Cassese and Virginia assistant Sean Kirwan, some more finalists have been identified per multiple sources. They are Amherst head coach Jon Thompson and Boston University head coach Ryan Polley, two names that were floated out early in the search. Former Navy head coach Rick Sowell was a very late addition to the search and is also expected to visit.

In recent days, Notre Dame assistant Gerry Byrne’s name has slowly become less of a favorite to land the job.

Stony Brook

Stony Brook is taking their time with their search and has a little ways to go.

Following up from last week, Duke assistant Matt Danowski is certainly a name in the hunt for the Seawolves head coaching job. So is Navy assistant Ryan Wellner, who sounds like would be retained at Navy if he wants, and now Robert Morris head coach Drew McMinn as well.

Some names that have been mentioned as other possible candidates have been Towson assistant Anthony Gilardi, who was a finalist for Fairfield, North Carolina assistant Kevin Unterstein, and Rutgers assistant Dan Cocchi.

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