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College Crossecast 2019 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Preview Part 2

Do you enjoy roundtable talks about where things in sports are heading? Well you’re in luck with one on how women’s lacrosse is blossoming!

Stony Brook v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In our second part of our NCAA Women’s Lacrosse season previews for College Crossecast, it’s time to take a look at the state of the sport. And while other sports may have a hard look at themselves (hi, baseball and how you still haven’t signed anyone), women’s lacrosse is in a very good spot– and clearing some final obstacles might make it explode even more.

On this edition, Skyler and I are joined by an old pal of the blog, Boston Herald reporter Marisa Ingemi, as we discuss women’s lax as well as dabbling a bit in women in sports in general (1:00, plus Marisa got a front page article in the Herald on the subject right when we recorded and all). We once again praise the NCAA’s new rules (5:00) before getting into the debate on access to the game with television coverage (10:00). The pre-college levels of girls’ lacrosse are continuing to climb and are now following some of the new rules, so we dabble into that as well (21:00).

There is a big opening weekend of games ahead this weekend, too, with defending champion James Madison squaring off against UNC, so Skyler goes through the schedule (36:18). The three of us then wrap up with what we’re most excited for this season (44:00).

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