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College Crossecast: The Gritty Approved 2018-19 NHL Season Preview

The annual College Crossecast hockey preview episode filled with things that will be incorrect. We also cover some offseason lacrosse news.

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In the latest edition of this site masquerading as a lacrosse site but secretly running as a hockey site, we did another NHL season preview podcast.

Okay, we did talk about lacrosse as well with the situations at Quinnipiac and Wagner as well as the addition of Merrimack to D-1 (1:15). But from there, Chris, Jake, Skyler, and I take a look ahead into the upcoming NHL season. Two of us are psyched because the team of choice won the Stanley Cup, another’s depressed because the team of choice lost John Tavares and decided to load up on 4th liners to make up for it, and the fourth... got the most absurd mascot in sports history and is loving every minute of it.

We begin our journey in the Metropolitan because said teams are all in it (10:00), then we drive into the top-heavy world of the Atlantic (38:30). It’s onto the West where we’re dreaming of another 7 game Jets-Predators series in the Central (1:03:20) before declaring the Pacific the Sharks’ and nobody else’s (1:22:30). We wrap up with our awards predictions (1:43:00) and our playoff picks (1:50:00) that will all but surely doom the Capitals, Jets Lightning, Predators, and Sharks.

You can give this episode a listen over on Podomatic or by subscribing on iTunes or Google Play. We’ve also got it in a nifty player down below for you to listen right here as well. And give us a nice review online, too, and lend us some feedback to help make future episodes even better!