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College Crossecast presents Ryan and Jake’s Seasons Ep. 5: “What If?”

Are alternate histories your thing? We’ve got just the thing for you!

Charlotte Hounds v Florida Launch Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

On our “Seasons” suite of College Crossecast episodes, Jake and I have been looking back and analyzing the past in NCAA Men’s Lacrosse. To wrap things up, we decided to have a little fun, and think about what didn’t happen and how that changed up the lacrosse landscape.

On this episode, we do some lacrosse alternative history. This isn’t your tired Civil War or World War II or Cold War theories, this is the fun stuff. Like what would happen if a game went a different way, or if a coach decided to stay or leave, or if conference realignment didn’t play out the way it did.

We start off with some scenarios our loyal Twitter followers brought up (3:00). Then Chris and Safe had some ideas of their own, ranging from titles changing hands to different conference setups than we had gotten this decade (20:49). We come up with some scenarios of our own (45:00), ranging from the earlier days of the NCAA era to the not-so-distant past of North Carolina’s national championship run.

Jake and I had a lot of fun doing these podcasts, and we’re open to doing more if our readers have more ideas. Reach us on Twitter and we’ll come up with some more alternative histories or episode ideas! In the meantime, you can subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play, listen to the episode down below, or check us out on Podomatic.