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College Crosse Prospectus/Gameday: Recapping Saturday’s games; previewing Johns Hopkins-Rutgers

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!

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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! And Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here’s everything you need to know for April 1, 2018.

What You Missed

Maryland, Penn State, and Syracuse each got big wins, and there were more games after that.

Check out some of the Saturday previews from some of our sister sites.

Ed. Note: Big shoutout to Jake for taking care of business Saturday. First go-around and handled it with ease!

Lacrosse The Nation

Here’s some more recaps of games across the country:

There were also some notable Division II and III results:

College Crosse Gameday

Did we mention we have a game tonight?

That’s right! Sunday Night Big Ten Lacrosse is back!

College Crosse Big Board For April 1, 2018

Time Away Home Stream Live Stats
Time Away Home Stream Live Stats
7:00 PM Johns Hopkins Rutgers BTN Rutgers

Here’s game notes from Rutgers and Johns Hopkins respectively. Also, our friends over at On The Banks preview tonight’s Big Ten opener for both teams.

I, for one, am excited for evening lacrosse. #HappyHourLacrosse is great, and so is Sunday Night Lacrosse. Maybe Athletic Directors should also look to try and add some SATURDAY NIGHT LACROSSE in the near future.

In other news, Virginia Tech President Tim Sands released a statement after the Hokies women’s lacrosse team were involved in an incident last week, from Isabella Rossi of the Collegiate Times:

“While we discuss and debate the intent, the context, and the remorse expressed by the students involved, we would be missing an opportunity if we did not accept the reality that this incident is not an isolated one at Virginia Tech, in our communities, or in our country,” Sands wrote in the statement. “Let us use this moment to confront our own biases, cultural misperceptions, fears, and aggressions.”

In the statement, Sands also emphasizes the importance of Ut Prosim at Virginia Tech.

“We cannot practice Ut Prosim without empathy, and we cannot develop empathy without curiosity and a commitment to learning more about the lived experience of others every day,” Sands wrote. “If we aren’t sure if someone will be offended by a remark or an action, let’s ask rather than assume. If we learn that words or actions are offensive to others, let’s commit to understanding why. If we hear a friend say something that we know is offensive to others, let’s share our understanding with that friend.”

The university’s NAACP chapter and Black Organizations Council expressed their upset over the video.

San Diego is well represented on the Arizona State Sun Devils women’s lacrosse team, from Sports360AZ:

When Grant and Missy Kroeger looked at prospective high schools for their daughter Kylie four years ago, a girls lacrosse team was a must. The only issue? No school in the Bay Park area of San Diego, California, had one or was open to starting one. The Kroegers even pitched their idea of launching a program themselves, but one local athletic director turned it down and referred Kylie to cross country, a sport in which she had little interest.

“Our whole intent in starting the program was so that our kid could play,” Missy said over the phone. “We were like, ‘We don’t care if they’re awful, we don’t care if we have to raise $30,000 by ourselves in three months. We’re going to do it.’”

The family searched a bit further from home and finally hit the jackpot as Mission Bay High School’s Jorge Palacios thought it was a no-brainer. He not only welcomed a new lacrosse program— on the condition the Kroegers funded it themselves — but his school also featured an International Baccalaureate (IB) academic program, which the family deemed important.

Both sides benefitted as Kylie continued playing lacrosse while Palacios increased his school’s profile. Mission Bay is part of a choice school district and there are a handful of high schools in close proximity, so Palacios always looks for an edge on the competitors.

Philly Jawns

Abington won’t rename their high school after Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman gave $25 million for upgrades.

World News

Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent open-heart surgery to replace a valve.

Video of the Day

Dare to Zlatan.

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