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College Crossecast Ep. 72: 2018 Season Preview Part 4

A college lacrosse podcast, not an Eagles podcast, and we finally get around to the Patriot League and Big East

2017 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship - Semifinals Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

College lacrosse is back to being the main topic of College Crossecast! All it took was Safe having a corporate dinner and Chris driving back home, but we did it!

I’m joined by Jake as we wrap up our 2018 season preview and look ahead to the first big weekend of the season. We start with some observations from last weekend’s slate (2:20) before jumping into the long awaited Patriot League (14:20) and Big East (26:11) previews. We go on a rant about this weekend having a ton of games and the placement of the national title game in the calendar (52:38) before settling into said weekend with a ton of games (1:08:15). We make some game picks, too (1:15:25), so you can yell at us when we’re wrong. Lastly we get all... indifferent... towards the Winter Olympics (1:24:10) and the glory of the Emmy-grab known as This is Us (1:37:00).

You can listen to this episode over on Podomatic or by subscribing on iTunes or Google Play. We’re back to the regular grind of the Crossecast next week with the usual formula of recapping the prior week and looking ahead to the next one!