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College Crossecast Ep. 71: The Philly Super Bowl Episode With Chris & Safe.


Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Can you believe it?! The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions! What a time to be alive. I gotta see if I can get Petro to get the Hopkins band to play the Eagles fight song at a couple games at Homewood this season. Probably not, but it’s worth asking.

Anyway, to celebrate the Eagles winning the Big Game last night, Chris & I tapped a Philly-centric episode of the Crossecast. We figured it was better to get all most of our gloating rejoicing out of the way now in one episode, as to save everyone from us me derailing future episodes with diversions about how great Nick Foles is and why we should trade Carson Wentz to the Browns for the number one and four pick in the upcoming draft. Additionally, at the bottom of the post I compiled a bunch of videos from the revelry in the streets last night. It was a wild scene, folks.

Oh, Chris and I also do a recap of opening weekend at the beginning of the episode so there is some lacrosse here as well. So, we got something for everybody on this one.

We thank you all for indulging Chris & I. It’s not every day the Eagles win the Super Bowl, so we had to commemorate the occasion. We’re going to try and do something special for the parade on Thursday if possible. You can listen to this episode in the player directly below, on Podomatic, or by subscribing on iTunes and Google Play. We promise you that the Big East & Patriot League previews are on the way. Thanks for listening.

Philly Mayhem.