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Cheers to the freakin’ weekend (and celebrate responsibly)!

Episode 5 of Across College Lacrosse is here!

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Episode 5 of Across College Lacrosse is here! I preview the weekend in college lacrosse, make picks on every Division I men’s game, plus highlight some notable games from Division II, Division III, and Women’s Division I. Also, I discuss what my personal goal song would be, my top five games, top Winter Olympic athletes that could play lacrosse, and figuring out how to spell the sound a sniff makes. Intriguing stuff.


  • Tuesday recap (1:28)
  • #HappyHourLacrosse previews (2:23)
  • Saturday and Sunday previews (6:52)
  • Weekend picks (18:33)
  • Notable games elsewhere (26:51)
  • Personal goal songs (30:43)
  • My top five lacrosse games (32:46)
  • Which Winter Olympic athlete or group of athletes would be the best lacrosse players? (37:28)
  • Deciding the spelling (if there is any) for the sound of a sniff (39:18)

Do you have answers to any or all of these questions? Leave a comment below or @ us on Twitter!


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