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Somehow, Albany won’t be on ESPNU until the postseason

Episode 2 of Across College Lacrosse is here!

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Episode 2 of Across College Lacrosse is here! It’s our first weekend preview episode, and I go solo on this one. Hopefully that changes, but we’ll have to live with what we have for now.


  • Reading the ESPNU television schedule (3:25)
  • Releasing my anger about not having Albany on TV (5:25)
  • Discussing the ESPNU broadcast team (12:54)
  • Reading the Inside Lacrosse Media poll (15:51)
  • Previewing today’s Vermont-Furman game (20:04)
  • Previewing this weekend’s games (23:25)
  • A peacock gets denied as an emotional support animal at an airport, and I select my dream emotional support animal (29:53)


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