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Across College Lacrosse Ep. 32: MLL commissioner Sandy Brown on what the future holds for the league

Episode 32 of Across College Lacrosse is here!

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Episode 32 of Across College Lacrosse is here! And it’s another episode that involves the pro game!

For this episode, I was joined by fellow College Crosse writer Dan Arestia as we had Major League Lacrosse commissioner Sandy Brown to discuss what he’s been doing for the past few months with the MLL. Key points include the increase in the salary cap and the addition of two games to the league’s schedule, as well as their ongoing efforts towards a rebrand.

Show Topics

  • Small college lacrosse discussions (1:40)
  • Start of our interview with Sandy Brown (9:20)
  • Takeaways from the Brown interview (40:23)


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