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College Crossecast Ep. 67: The 2018 College Crosse Fantasy Draft.

Chris, Adam, Jake, Jim, Jack, Marisa & Safe held the first ever College Crosse Fantasy Draft on Monday night.

Paris : Illustration Photo by Frédéric Soltan/Corbis via Getty Images

We had a great time last night during our 2018 College Crosse Fantasy Draft. Special shout out to Adam for coming up with the idea and organizing everything. A few minutes into the pod Adam explains the rules of the Draft, the number of roster slots, and an overview of the League. Adam’s model is a good model to follow if you are interested in doing your own fantasy league. We’ll have posts throughout the year breaking down the standings and of course there’ll be a lot of banter about the League on Twitter, so this should be a really fun experiment.

There really aren’t any timestamps in this episode, as we get into the draft pretty quickly after we begin the show. We occasionally had to pause the podcast until we got Marisa’s picks (Marisa was participating via text while riding a bus from NYC), and then restart the show after she sent us her pick. It’s not a major issue, but we just want to apologize in advance if the episode is a bit jumpy at times.

You can listen to our show on Podomatic, in the player directly below, or subscribe on iTunes or Google Play. Additionally, you can find the entire Draft board under the player below. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show.

The 2018 College Crosse Fantasy Draft.

Position Adam's Cole Williamses Chris (The German Shepherd Babys) Safe - The Hitters Marisa A Team Has No Name. Jim Jack (BIG EAST Champs) Jake
Position Adam's Cole Williamses Chris (The German Shepherd Babys) Safe - The Hitters Marisa A Team Has No Name. Jim Jack (BIG EAST Champs) Jake
Attack Connor Fields, Albany Ben Reeves, Yale Jeff Teat, Cornell Pat Spencer, Loyola Justin Guterding - Duke Tehoka Nanticoke, Albany Mac O'Keefe, Penn State
Attack Grant Ament, Penn State Ryder Garnsey, Notre Dame Ethan Walker, Denver Jack Wilson, BU Michael Sowers, Princeton Tre LeClaire, Ohio State Morgan Cheek, Harvard
Attack Christian Cuccinello, Nova Chris Cloutier, North Carolina Michael Kraus, Virginia Ian Mackay, Vermont Justin Reh, Albany Jared Bernhardt, Maryland Adam Charalmbides, Rutgers
Midfield Ryan Conrad, Virginia Joel Tinney, Johns Hopkins Greyson Torain, Navy Tim Rotanz, Maryland Kevin McGeary, Penn Stephen Hudak, Brown Connor Kelly, Maryland
Midfield Zach Goodrich, Towson Jamie Trimboli, Syracuse Connor DeSimone, Hopkins Kyle McClancy, Albany Pat Fraser, Hopkins Dox Aitken, Virginia Brad Smith, Duke
Midfield Brendan Gleason, ND David Symmes, Army Austin Sims, Princeton James Burr, BU Colton Jackson, Denver Lou Youvino, Furman Bubba Fairman, Maryland
Attack/Midfield Cole Williams, Hopkins Brendan Bomberry, Syracuse Kieran Mullins, Rutgers Chris Gray, BU Chris Walsch, Air Force Brent Noseworthy, Michigan Will Sands, Bucknell
Defense Matt Neufeldt, Maryland Ben Randall, Ohio State Bryce Young, Maryland Isaac Paparo, UMass Matt Farrell, Holy Cross Craig Chick, Lehigh Johnny Surdick, Army
Defense John Sexton, Notre Dame Michael Rexrode, Rutgers Scott Hooper, Virginia James Leary, Vermont Tyson Bomberry, Syracuse Brandon Jones, Air Force Jack Toomb, Robert Morris
Defense Jared Conners, Virginia Chris Sabia, Penn State Cade van Raaphorst, Duke Quentin Germain, BU Matt Gilray, Bucknell Connor Keating, Penn Freddy Freibott, Ohio State
FOGO Ted Ottens, Brown Conor Mackie, Yale Gerard Arceri, PSU Dylan Protesto, Hartford TD Ierlan, Albany Connor Gaffney, Lehigh Trevor Baptiste, Denver
FOGO Joe Francisco, Rutgers Noah Rak, UMass Will Vitelli, Quinnipiac Jarrett Witzal, Bucknell Alex Woodall, Towson Zach Melillo, Marquette Kenny Massa, Bryant
Goalie Brian Corrigan, Marist Tate Boyce, Providence AJ Barretto, Army Robert Shaw, Harvard Alec van de Bovemkamp Max Edelmann, Rutgers Jack Concannon, Hofstra
Goalie Tyler Blaisdell, Princeton Dan Morris, Maryland Alex Ready, Denver Joe McSorely, BU Jacob Stover, Loyola Cole Blazer, Marquette Alex Heger, Robert Morris