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College Crosse Prospectus - September 21, 2017: New Crossecast; Marquette Unveils 2018 Schedule.

All the lacrosse news you can handle and plenty more!!!

Cold Snap Continues With Freezing Temperatures Across The Country Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING, College Crosse Nation!! Thanks for making us a part of your day! Here are your links for September 21, 2017.

College Crosse News.

We dropped a new podcast last night!!

On a brand spanking new Crossecast, I’m joined by Safe and Chris as always and brought Marisa along on the fold. Pro lacrosse has been dominating the headlines through the offseason, so we discuss the latest happenings in the NLL and MLL (6:00). We then tackle some of the offseason NCAA news, whether that be good news like that out of Marquette and Akron or the sad news out of Lafayette (35:00). Safe and Marisa were really amped up to talk Game of Thrones, so we let them have a little podcast within a podcast about the past season (45:30).* Besides, as a podcast we’re legally required to discuss that show anyway. We wrap it up with Chris reading Crossing Broad comments because he really likes his new writing gig here (56:45).

Shout out to Marquette for putting up their schedule and giving us some FRESH 2018 content to banter about last night. Chris did a nice write-up on the Golden Eagles’ 2018 schedule here.

The Marquette Golden Eagles are the first Division I team to unveil their 2018 schedule. The back-to-back Big East champions look to win their third straight conference crown with goalie Cole Blazer and FOGO Zachary Melillo back. The Golden Eagles have three scrimmages before the regular season. They kick things off against Cleveland State on January 27, followed by Johns Hopkins on February 3, and Penn a week later. Just like last year, the regular season begins February 17 against Jacksonville in Milwaukee before traveling to Detroit to take on Detroit Mercy a week later.

More teams need to incorporate wrestling belts into their practices.

Looking good, UNC.

Kansas offensive tackle Zach Hannon used to be a BALLER.

Tim Hannon has always been a big influence on his son. A longtime lacrosse coach at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo., Tim coached Zach during the latter’s prep days. A 340-pound high school senior playing lacrosse but with a body and passion for a different sport, the younger Hannon gravitated toward football and away from his father’s chosen sport. “He put a stick in my hand at a young age,” Hannon said, “but at the same time he knew (football) was something I wanted to do.”

ECD Lacrosse did a nice breakdown of the new mesh rules in women’s lacrosse.

#AnotherOne of those lax/football crossovers: University of Washington safety Ezekiel Turner used to be a BALLER in high school

Turner has taken one of the more interesting paths to Montlake. Back in Pasadena, Maryland, Turner started out as a lacrosse player in middle school. “In Maryland, that is like a religion,” Turner said of the sport. When he got to Glen Burnie High School, he soon started playing football. And by his sophomore season in 2011, he was starting at safety. “We were not that great of a high school. We won (seven) games,” Turner said. “And I had a new coaching staff every year, so I wasn’t getting much (recruiting) exposure.”

The Terps were honored at Camden Yards last night!

Speaking of the Terps, Matt Rambo was just named an assistant coach for the Dukes LC.

Everyone’s getting into the box spirit.

Shout out to BOSS Madalon of Princeton!


What’s Up, PhilaJersey?

Rutgers students are studying horseshoe crabs.

Researchers released about 10,000 three-month-old horseshoe crabs into the Delaware Bay on Wednesday, in the hopes a few will survive. The odds against the young arthropods’ survival are so great, Rutgers raised 250,000 of them this summer in tanks at the Rutgers Aquaculture Innovation Center in Cape May. Most have been set free, with Wednesday’s group entering the bay off the Rutgers Cape Shore Laboratory in Green Creek.

World/National News.

“Puerto Rico entirely without power as Hurricane Maria hammers island with force not seen in ‘modern history.’”
Hurricane Maria raked across Puerto Rico on Wednesday as the most powerful storm to strike the island in more than 80 years, ripping roofs off buildings, filling homes with water and knocking out power to the entire population.

"Definitely Puerto Rico — when we can get outside — we will find our island destroyed," Puerto Rico's emergency management director, Abner Gomez, said at a midday news conference, adding that 100 percent of the island is without electricity. "The information we have received is not encouraging. It's a system that has destroyed everything it has had in its path."

The storm first slammed into the coast near Yabucoa at 6:15 a.m. with 155 mph winds — the first Category 4 hurricane to directly strike the island since 1932. By midmorning, Maria had fully engulfed the 100-mile-long island as winds snapped palm trees, peeled off rooftops and sent debris skidding across beaches and roads. By afternoon, the intense gusts had become less frequent and the lashing rains eased, giving residents their first glimpse of the storm's wake.

Your GIF/Video for September 21, 2017.

The new Tomb Raider looks pretty good.

That’s it for today!! I’ll see you out there!! Make sure you follow us on social media!

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