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College Crosse’s 2017 All-Freshman Team

A team where the non-respected get the respect they all deserve.

Robert Goldstein

The kids of lacrosse. The ones who just graduated high school (or left their boarding school after a post-grad year) and make the transition to the next level.

They have to deal with harassment from their upperclassmen teammates and have to do the dirty work. They clean the buses, carry equipment for practice and get the nets set up. They’re the last ones off the bus and sit in the front. Some of them have to sing on road trips or get haircuts.

But also, they get screwed nearly every year for honors. From better All-American honors to Tewaaraton finalist nods, these group of players get shafted.

They’re also the future of lacrosse.

They’re what we call, freshmen.

I feel like they never get the appropriate appreciation and respect they deserve. And in this special post honoring some of the “kids”, they will get the respect and appreciation some don’t seem to care about.

So here we go. We have three teams with the following criteria per team:

  • 3 attackmen
  • 3 offensive midfielders
  • 3 defensemen
  • 1 FOGO
  • 1 long stick defensive midfielder
  • 1 short stick defensive midfielder
  • 1 goaltender

That’s a total of 13 players per team for 39 players getting their rightful place.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list:

2017 College Crosse All-Freshman First Team

Position Player School
Position Player School
Attack Tre Leclaire Ohio State
Attack Michael Sowers Princeton
Attack Jeff Teat Cornell
Midfield Dox Aitken Virginia
Midfield Jared Bernhardt Maryland
Midfield Connor Fletcher Cornell
Close Defense Aidan Hynes Yale
Close Defense Arman Medghalchi Princeton
Close Defense Jack Rapine Johns Hopkins
FOGO TD Ierlan Albany
LSM Jared Conners Virginia
SSDM Ryan Terefenko Ohio State
Goaltender Alec Van De Bovenkamp Furman

2017 College Crosse All-Freshman Second Team

Position Player School
Position Player School
Attack Michael Kraus Virginia
Attack Kieran Mullins Rutgers
Attack Ethan Walker Denver
Midfield Griffin Brown Colgate
Midfield Bryan Costabile Notre Dame
Midfield Lou Yovino Furman
Close Defense Gray Bodden Towson
Close Defense Brandon Salvatore Cornell
Close Defense Will Stabbert Drexel
FOGO Gerard Arceri Penn State
LSM Andrew Helmer Syracuse
SSDM Chase Williams Princeton
Goaltender Colby Kneese Penn State

2017 College Crosse All-Freshman Third Team

Position Player School
Position Player School
Attack Joey Manown Duke
Attack Mac O'Keefe Penn State
Attack Ryan Tierney Hofstra
Midfield John MacLean Boston University
Midfield Kevin Quigley Duke
Midfield Jamie Trimboli Syracuse
Close Defense Zach Barrett Binghamton
Close Defense JT Giles-Harris Duke
Close Defense Pat Smyth St. John's
FOGO Conor Gaffney Lehigh
LSM Chase Levesque Boston University
SSDM Danny Logan Denver
Goaltender Phil Goss Brown

2017 College Crosse All-Freshman Honorable Mentions

Attack: Reid Bowering (Drexel), Lucas Cotler (Yale), Matt Gaudet (Yale), Charlie Kitchen (Delaware), Luke McCaleb (Brown), Jackson Morrill (Yale), Jakob Paterson (Albany), Stephen Rehfuss (Syracuse), Justin Scott (Hobart)

Midfield: Justin Anderson (North Carolina), Eric Holden (Hobart), Will McCarthy (Mercer), William Perry (North Carolina), Wayne White (Stony Brook)

Close Defense: Chris Adamo (Lafayette), Brandon Bank (Furman), Luke Cappetto (High Point), Nick Cardile (Penn State), TJ Connellan (Penn State), Jake Fiske (Bryant), Nick Grill (Marquette), Dan Mottes (Binghamton), Patrick Kennedy (Villanova), Zachary Kryza (Villanova)

FOGO: Charlie Erdmann (Vermont), Kyle Gallagher (Hofstra), Justin Schwenk (Monmouth), Trent Harper (Air Force)

LSM: Michael O’Brien (Mercer), Colin Squires (Denver)

SSDM: Kevin Hutchings (Syracuse), Eric Restic (Notre Dame), Kyle Richbourg (Air Force)

Goaltender: Matt DeLuca (Delaware), Brooks Dutton (Sacred Heart), Caleb Espinoza (Cleveland State), Bradley Hodoval (Mercer), Ryan Kern (Navy), Jonathan Tesoro (Holy Cross), Nick Washuta (Vermont)

Missed any players I should have mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!