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COLLEGE CROSSECAST Ep. 50: Cleveland State Head Coach Dylan Sheridan After Year One

Ryan, Safe, Chris, and Marisa are joined once again by Cleveland State head coach Dylan Sheridan to look back on the Vikings’ first season.

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

At the start of the season, we had a very special episode of College Crossecast with Cleveland State head coach Dylan Sheridan in advance of the Vikings’ first season. Now that it’s all completed, filled with highs and lows that culminated with the squad’s first D-1 victory over Detroit Mercy, we’ve invited him back on to share his experiences.

Safe, Chris, Marisa, and I shoot him some questions about the Vikings’ inaugural season (2:30) and all that entailed with coaching a brand new program. We learn about some of Coach’s adjustments with working with a new program, the adversity the team faced, and most rewarding experiences they found themselves in. We also get a look at what the future holds for the team.

We then get Coach Sheridan’s thoughts on some of the current issues of the sport, such as early recruiting and the upcoming rule change summit (39:00) and how he thinks the NCAA Tournament will shake out (47:00). For good measure, we get Marisa’s NCAA Tournament thoughts as well (1:13:45).

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