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College Crosse Week 7 Top 20.

Notre Dame’s back on top!!! (For the most part.)

NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back with this week’s installment of the College Crosse Top 20. You can find a link to last week’s post here. We also have some commentary from Chris and Jason below.

Let’s go to the Big Board!

Maryland’s Opponents 2019 Average Win Percentage & RPI

Avg. overall win pct. Avg. nonconference win pct. Avg. conference win pct. Avg. overall RPI Avg. nonconference RPI Avg. conference RPI
Avg. overall win pct. Avg. nonconference win pct. Avg. conference win pct. Avg. overall RPI Avg. nonconference RPI Avg. conference RPI
.591 .605 .566 18.14 18.78 17


I’ll add some commentary in the Aggregation, but Chris and Jason have some points they’d like to share.

Jason Myers.

Penn State - In the age of parity, undefeated gets respect at the top.

Syracuse - Cuse keeps eking out the wins against top competition.

Rutgers - The fall from grace isn't too far.

Maryland - Redemption was needed againt UNC and was delivered.

Ohio State - Moved up one spot, more because other teams fell though.

Johns Hopkins - What a thriller against UVA, and much needed win against top competition, too.

Princeton - I don't have a lot of confidence in the Ivy League this year, but I think Princeton is probably the top team in the conference as of right now. Yale may be righting the ship, but only time will tell.

UNC - Both UNC and UVA remain in the top 20 because even though they have 4 losses each, they play tough schedules and it's not like they're getting blown out. Most of those games could have gone either way and these are both clubs that other teams don't want to play.

Loyola - Loyola and Binghamton were on the fence this week. Also considered Providence and Delaware for these last two slots. But Loyola's schedule and Binghamton's single loss gave them the advantage this week.

Chris Jastrzembski.

Notre Dame - I think it's a no brainer at this point. They're over Penn State because even though they have one loss and Penn State doesn't, the quality of their schedule is much better than PSU's.

Syracuse - Cuse is over Penn State as well because of the same reasons. Imagine Cuse playing every game for four quarters (and overtime) and not just three.

Penn State - Just because you're undefeated, doesn't mean you should be tops in polls (see end of year football rankings for Auburn & Utah 2004, Boise State 2006 and 2009, Utah 2008, TCU 2010, Ohio State 2012).

Hofstra - See Penn State.

Rutgers - I guess they weren't ready for the spotlight just yet.

Ohio State - They played better than "The Team Up North" did

Johns Hopkins - Safe is easing off the panic button for now. (Ed. Note: Never had a doubt!)

Princeton - The Ivy League is not that good.

Delaware - Their young starting attack is solid. Maybe with BOSS Shillinglaw announcing his final year, the guys are playing with a little more effort?Keep an eye out for the Blue Hens.

North Carolina - They're 5-4 as they enter ACC play. They were 5-4 last year as they entered ACC play. Food for thought.

Providence - Yale and Binghamton were very close to taking this spot. All three teams have played very well as of late, but I'm going with Providence this week.