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College Crosse Game Day: How To Watch, Attachments, & Open Thread For Yale vs. Princeton.

Tigers vs. Bull Dogs for Ivy supremacy!!

Ivy League Basketball Tournament - Championship Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Below is today’s Big Board. Clicking on the team name will take you to that team’s homepage. Clicking on the Stream cell will take you to the broadcast of that game, while the Live Stats cell will take you to the live stats of that game. Today’s game is on ESPNU so hopefully you have that in your tv plan. If you don’t have ESPNU Princeton will provide audio coverage of the game via its Princeton IMG Sports Network. Let’s go to the Big Board!!

College Crosse Big Board For March 24, 2017.

Time Home Team Away Team Stream Live Stats
Time Home Team Away Team Stream Live Stats
2:00 Princeton Yale ESPNU Live Stats

Skittles Scale! (Ed. Note: For entertainment and informational purposes only!! #WeDoNotEndorseGambling!!)

Games To Watch.

Princeton vs. Yale: We only have one game today, but despite the lack of variety, I have a feeling today’s match-up will more than make up for it in quality. Princeton’s hot right now, like really hot. They have 3 players in the top 18 in goals/game (Austin Sims 2.83 goals/game, & Gavin McBride & Michael Sowers tied at 2.71 goals/game) and Zach Currier is a monster who haunts my dreams. Princeton is probably the best team in the Ivy League and they have the best win of any Ivy League team this year. *Ryan and/or Chris crash through the wall to remind me that (at the time) unranked Princeton beat #3 Hopkins 18-7.* However, despite how well Princeton has been playing this year, I don’t believe today’s game is going to be a gimmie for the Tigers.

While Yale hasn’t been the beast many of us predicted they would be in the preseason, much of their early season slow play can be explained by the fact that their all-world BALLER, Ben Reeves, wasn’t been healthy for much of the season. I refer you to our man Joe Keegs’ post on Ben Reeves from a couple week ago. Obviously, Ben is important to Yale’s offense, but Joe’s great pieces explains exactly why. Additionally, Joe explains how Yale’s improved play the last few weeks has coincided with Ben getting healthier. While he is not at 100% yet, Ben Reeves at 80% or 90% is better than most players when they are at 100%.

I am obviously a homer for contributors on our squad, but I really believe Joe’s piece on Yale and Ben Reeves is a must-read. If Yale upsets Princeton today, and Ben blows up for 5+ points, we might have ourselves a real shakeup in the Ivy down the stretch.


Chris’ power rankings post is up.

BOSS Petro went on In The Crease with ABC 2 News in Baltimore to discuss “recruiting, rule changes and some of the great players he's coached.”

The Princeton Laxcast has been one of my favorite podcasts this year. Here’s episode 6 of the Princeton LaxCast, featuring captains Bear Goldstein and Gavin McBride.

Here’s a great hype video for th Army vs. Navy lacrosse game. April 15th can’t come soon enough.

Game starts at 2:00! I’ll see you out there!!