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The College Crosse Week 6 Aggregation For March 20, 2017.

These polls ain’t loyal!!

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What's going on Nation? We're back with our Week 6 Aggregation. As usual, we compile all the major polls (Links for Week 6 polls: Inside Lacrosse, Lacrosse Magazine, and USILA Coaches Poll), plus Jason and my media poll top 20, into one table. You can find the College Crosse Top 20 for Week 6 here. Don’t forget to read Jason’s Week 6 Media Poll post. Let’s go to this week's Aggregation Big Board.

College Crosse Aggregation For March 20, 2017.

Rank Inside Lacrosse Jason Myers Lacrosse Magazine USILA Coaches Poll Safe Fekadu
Rank Inside Lacrosse Jason Myers Lacrosse Magazine USILA Coaches Poll Safe Fekadu
1 Rutgers Penn State Penn State Penn State Notre Dame
2 Notre Dame Rutgers Notre Dame Notre Dame Rutgers
3 Penn State Hofstra Ohio State Rutgers Penn State
4 Ohio State Army Rutgers Ohio State Syracuse
5 Hofstra Denver Hofstra Syracuse Ohio State
6 Syracuse Notre Dame Army Denver Denver
7 Denver Syracuse Syracuse Hofstra Albany
8 Army Albany Denver Albany Hofstra
9 Albany Boston Maryland Army Army
10 Maryland Maryland Duke Maryland Duke
11 Duke Duke Princeton Duke Maryland
12 Richmond Ohio State Richmond Princeton North Carolina
13 Princeton Virginia Albany North Carolina Princeton
14 North Carolina Princeton Towson Richmond Richmond
15 UVA Richmond UVA UVA Loyola
16 Towson Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Towson Towson
17 Johns Hopkins North Carolina Michigan Loyola Michigan
18 Loyola Loyola North Carolina Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins
19 BU Michigan Loyola BU UVA
20 Michigan Binghamton Marquette Michigan BU


RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUTGERS: STAND UP NEW JERSEY!!! Shout out to the Scarlet Knights for their first ever #1 IL Media Poll ranking. They’ve come a long way since their 5-10 season two years ago. Relish the feeling now Rutgers fans because as I always say, now that you’re at the head of the table, you’ve got to hold it down! It’s a good problem to have, but there’s no doubt everyone will be gunning for you now.

B1G Rankings: This is a great week if you are a Big Ten fan. The GAWD Conference has three teams in the top five spots in 4 of the 5 polls on the Big Board this week (Doc only has two B1G teams in his top five). I know some still believe the ACC is the SEC of college lacrosse. That may be true. (Ed. Note: It’s not true.) But this year the Big Ten is making a real run for that crown. (Ed. Note: Now I don’t like to brag... I LOVE IT ... however, it’s off-putting so I try to not do it often, but I will say that getting on the Big Ten bandwagon early was one of my smartest moves as a blogger OBJECTIVE JOURNALIST.)

Johns Hopkins: One Big Ten team that isn’t doing so hot is Hopkins. While losing to Syracuse in overtime isn’t the worst of sins, as we say around here, there are no moral victories in lacrosse. That is now 3 losses in a row for the Jays and things don’t get easier with UVA next on the schedule.

There is no sugar-coating Saturday’s game, JHU let a winnable game slip through their fingers and it might cost them a tournament spot if they have to go the at-large route. YES, the refs had a part to play in their loss last weekend, and YES that was a goal by Tinney, nevertheless, an L is an L, and no one on the selection committee is going to give Hop a half win on Selection Sunday because of the EGREGIOUSLY bad officiating.

It’s not panic time in Homewood yet, but Hop could really use a win this week versus UVA. If Hopkins loses to UVA on Saturday, they’ll be 4-4 on the season, which means they’ll have to go at least 3-2 in Big Ten conference play to ensure they don’t finish the regular season below .500 and ineligible for the Big BBQ 2017. Given how good the GAWD Conference is this year winning 3 B1G games is not a guarantee.

Now there is a scenario where Hop loses to UVA, goes 2-3 in the B1G regular season, and still gets into the Big Ten Tournament this year. However, in that scenario (6-7 overall record going into the B1G Tournament) Hop would have to win the Big Ten Tournament, otherwise their record would be below .500 with a loss in either round of the B1G Tournament. Again, it’s not time to panic if you are a Hop fan, but it is time to be concerned.

BU Clings On: Nice to see the Terriers weren’t overly penalized for losing to Bucknell on Saturday. BU’s had a nice season so far and falling out of the top 20 for an unexpected loss to the Bison would’ve been pretty harsh.