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Reverse Survivor: The Final Four

March Madness is here, and the Reverse Survivor pool is getting in the fever too!

CBS' 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Season Finale Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

More than half the field eliminated themselves from Reverse Survivor last week, including another perennial favorite in Lafayette.

The teams that are on to better things:

  • Drexel (defeated Bryant AND St. Joe’s)
  • Georgetown (defeated Robert Morris AND Hobart)
  • Lafayette (defeated Navy)
  • Mount St. Mary’s (defeated Bellarmine)
  • UMass (defeated Yale)

Only four teams are left, and three of them play later today!

Reverse Survivor 2017 #6

Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Jacksonville 0-9 @ VMI 4/8 @ Mercer 4/15
NJIT 0-10 vs. Monmouth 4/8 @ Lafayette 4/11
Siena 0-10 vs. Manhattan 4/8 @ Canisius 4/15

Teams With Best Chance To Leave The Island

Last week, I blessed Georgetown with being the best winless team in the country and now they’re on a two-game winning streak. You’re welcome, Hoyas.

With that, Cornell is easily the best out of the bunch. They played Virginia very well given their first three games of the season were total disasters. Jeff Teat, whom I’ve called overrated, scored five goals and dished out four assists in the overtime loss to the Cavaliers. They have their Ivy League opener against Yale on Saturday, before playing Colgate in a weekday game. Given how Yale is, Cornell could get their first win against an Ivy League foe. But I think they leave the island before they play Penn on the 25th.

Siena is also a possibility as well. Bryant is a tough team, and so is Colgate. After that, it looks like a war between Jacksonville and NJIT for who gets the crown. Jacksonville doesn’t have an easy March slate, while NJIT also doesn’t, but they do include Wagner. Once we get down to two teams, we’ll start evaluating their chances for a win.

*NOTE: First year program Cleveland State and Hampton aren't eligible for Reverse Survivor but IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! Both teams have recorded wins this year, even though they’re not against Division I teams.