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Reverse Survivor: Big Favorite Eliminated

There’s still plenty of teams left to take on this year’s crown.

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We’re officially a month into the 2017 season, and we still have a number of winless teams in Division I lacrosse.

We started with 15 eligible programs last week, and six took themselves out of contention last week, including Reverse Survivor favorite Dartmouth.

The teams that are on to better things:

  • Dartmouth (defeated Vermont)
  • Hartford (defeated Jacksonville, also winless)
  • Quinnipiac (defeated NJIT, also winless)
  • St. Joe’s (defeated St. John’s, winless at that point in time)
  • St. John’s (defeated Siena, also winless)
  • Villanova (defeated Drexel, also winless)

Five of the six teams that won last week won Reverse Survivor-offs games. There are none this week, so there’s a chance no teams leave the island come next Monday. But that’s why we play the games.

Here’s this week’s field.

Reverse Survivor 2017 #2

Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Team Record Next Opponent Date Opponent After That Date
Cornell 0-3 vs. Virginia (in CA) 3/11 @ Yale 3/18
Drexel 0-4 vs. Bryant 3/10 vs. St. Joe's 3/12
Georgetown 0-4 vs. Robert Morris 3/7 @ Hobart 3/11
Jacksonville 0-5 at Duke 3/13 vs. Richmond 3/18
Lafayette 0-5 vs. Navy 3/11 @ Lehigh 3/18
Mount St. Mary's 0-4 at Bellarmine 3/11 vs. Bryant 3/18
NJIT 0-5 vs. Mercer 3/10 @ Army 3/13
Siena 0-5 vs. Binghamton 3/7 @ Bryant 3/14
UMass 0-4 at Yale 3/7 vs. UMass Lowell 3/14

Teams With Best Chance To Leave The Island

Although they’re 0-4, Georgetown has played Notre Dame, Towson, and Hofstra tight in their last three games. Robert Morris has been a nice surprise in the NEC this year, while Hobart is the defending NEC champions, but suffered a setback against Binghamton on Sunday. The Hoyas have a chance to win against either of these teams, probably more of Robert Morris at home on Tuesday over Hobart.

Keep an eye out for Drexel as well. They play Bryant and St. Joe’s this weekend, two teams they defeated last year. They choked a lead against Villanova last week, and were on the losing end against Marist on Saturday.

Finally, Mount St. Mary’s will be very fresh after not playing a game in 13 days. Bellarmine has only one win this year (over Quinnipiac), but did play Ohio State to a 14-11 loss. The long rest could be good for the Mountaineers, or could mean they’re a little rusty.

*NOTE: First year program Cleveland State and Hampton aren't eligible for Reverse Survivor but IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE! Both teams have recorded wins this year, even though they’re not against Division I teams.